Sony buys Valkyrie Entertainment, a studio that has assisted in the development of God of War, Halo Infinite and Valorant

The video game war is not only won with the most advanced console and the giants of this industry know it. This year, Microsoft bought Bethesda Softworks. Sony followed suit by acquiring Housemarque, Nixxes Software, Firesprite, and Bluepoint Games. But before the end of 2021, the Japanese company wanted to make one last move: it bought Valkyrie Entertainment.

This Seattle-based freelance game developer may not be as well known to you, but the truth is that in its more than 20 years of history it has worked with some of the most prominent publishers and developers. Suffice it to mention that he has collaborated in the creation of ‘ God of War ‘, ‘ Halo Infinite ‘, ‘ Valorant ‘, ‘Forza Motorsport 7’, State of Decay 2 and many other renowned titles.

Sony has not disclosed the financial details of the agreement, but in a press release it indicates that Valkyrie Entertainment will join PlayStation Studios as the 17th studio. This will help the Japanese company, just as Microsoft is doing with the purchase of Bethesda, drive franchise development to grow your next-generation video game console.

“In our next chapter, we are excited to continue our relationship with some of the most talented teams in the world, expanding and contributing to the portfolio of incredible games available to PlayStation fans,” says Joakim Wejdemar, President and Founder of Valkyrie Entertainment.

For his part, the director of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, says that “Valkyrie’s diverse capabilities will be well received by all teams at PlayStation Studios as we continue to focus on providing extraordinary gaming experiences.”The video game titans Sony and Microsoft play their own strategies to stand out in this industry. One of the keys to those of Redmond with the purchase of Bethesda is to strengthen its Xbox Game Pass service. Those of Tokyo, meanwhile, would be preparing their own subscription called ” Spartacus “, which could benefit from the purchase of Valkyrie Entertainment.

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