Sable dazzles us again with its new gameplay: open world, airbikes and beautiful visuals

Surely more than one already had their eyes on him and we understand you. Sable is one of the most attractive titles that the video game industry is cooking and now we have been able to enjoy juicy new material.

Up to 13 minutes into the game we have been able to see the work of Shedworks. Obviously, what draws the most attention is the spectacular visual section, reminiscent of strokes and drawings made by hand by an artist. Take a look.

The truth is that its tremendous resemblance to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild cannot be denied. During the preview we can see sections of platforms crossed by Sable, our protagonist. We will find ourselves in a vast open world in the middle of a desert, where we can solve a multitude of missions-

In addition, there will be settlements where we can rest or talk with their inhabitants with the possibility of starting a conversation and choosing our answers. The displacement promises to be really fun, with that aerial motorcycle that glides on the sand. Very similar to the ones we could see in the Jak saga of Naughty Dog.

Raw Fury is the editor in charge of launching a title that also includes not a parasail, but a magic that allows you to glide through the air. In addition to that we can climb all kinds of structures like Link by Hyrule.

Sable gameplay

Japanese Breakfast is the one who puts the soundtrack to Sable, which still does not have a release date for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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