Thanks to CoD Warzone bug; even the dead can now win

It is seen that in CoD Warzone bug of the game dead players can win the game easily. In Call of Duty: Warzone, players can claim a victory without actively playing for a second. A bug makes for a very comfortable way to get to the victory screen.

In the 2nd season of Call of Duty: Warzone after the integration of Black Ops Cold War there is again a lot of new content. In addition to new weapons and loads of skins, there is also the return of various modes. In addition to variety, one of these modes also brought with it a rather severe bug that virtually gave players victory.

CoD Warzone victory as a corpse
The bug affects the map Rebirth Island and occurs in the Resurgance mode. In this special mode, players can re-enter the game after a waiting period. The prerequisite for this is that at least one other team member is still alive. So players are constantly landing on the small island and fighting for victory in intense firefights.

It doesn’t even need the whole bang. With a bug, the game gives you victory without having to lift a finger. YouTuber Errl Shatter shows how he wins Warzone as a corpse too.

The Stim-Gltich in Warzone was a torture for the players, but you can’t even blame anyone for this new bug, because it is not intentional. How the CoD Warzone bug comes about is not yet clear.

After Errl Shatter dies shortly after landing, he’s waiting to get back into the game. But he can’t go back, he stays with the camera with his corpse and in waiting position for the re-entry. Even when his team is completely wiped out, he remains in the waiting position and his teammates are allowed to land on the island again. Although he died and couldn’t continue, the game thinks he is a living gamer.

CoD warzone bug

Since no opponent can kill him, he just has to wait for the gas to drain the remaining teams and for him to emerge victorious. In the voice chat at the end of the round, the last opponents suspect that Errl Shatter used the stim glitch. Actually, he didn’t cause the bug on purpose. Under the YouTube video, players report that they have already experienced the bug themselves.

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