Reason to use Chrome, Edge or Firefox to read PDFs

We are increasingly working with files in PDF format that are a very important part of the office software sector. Its use has not stopped growing over the last few years, and more than it will in the future, largely thanks to the versatility that these files present to us.

Probably and almost without realizing it, you use this format in all kinds of environments and modes of use. We can find PDF files to save long-term documentation both on a personal and business level. At the same time, these files are used in educational environments or to fill in all kinds of forms. And we cannot ignore the official documents or manuals in which these specific documents are used.

But here, not only does the files themselves come into play as such, but the programs that allow us to work with them are also a very important part. In the beginning, Adobe was the one that provided us with the most powerful and appropriate solutions for working with PDF.

However, with the passage of time and thanks to the widespread use of these contents, there are many software companies that now offer us projects related to them.

In addition, we no longer only find software specialized in this type of office document, but with something as common as opening them to view their content, web browsers will not be very useful. What’s more, we could say that these are one of the most interesting options that we can use to view the content of a PDF . Next, we will tell you some of the reasons for all this.

PDF can be read from web browser
PDF can be read from web browser

Almost all PCs have a web browser

Avoiding these types of files is somewhat more complex than, for example, the usual DOCX files. However, your openness to view content is something we do quite conventionally. Until recently we had to install some programs for this, but that is now a thing of the past.At this time, most web browsers such as Chrome , Firefox or Edge, among many others, are already capable of opening PDF. If we take into account that practically all current computers have an internet browser, these are an excellent alternative to open these files by default.

We avoid downloading and installing additional software

Continuing with the point previously exposed, another of the advantages that being able to open a PDF from the browser proposes is to save disk space. We achieve this because in this way we avoid having to download and install additional software on our computer. In addition, there are programs to work with these very important files, of great power and that consume a lot of resources and space.But if the only thing that interests us is to see the content of these office files, without further ado, being able to use our favorite web browser is a huge advantage.

The functions available are getting better and better

To all this, we must add that the main developers of these programs are fully aware of the growing use to open PDFs. It is precisely for this reason that they increasingly integrate a greater number of functions related to it. In this way, users not only have the possibility of seeing the content of these files, but they can go one step further.

At this time and they can underline content, add texts, print certain pages, rotate documents, etc.

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