iPhone 13 rumors not waiting: Touch ID, no ports and 120Hz display by 2021

iphone 13 rumor

The first units of iPhone 12 will be delivered this Friday , the date on which they will also arrive in stores and where we can physically purchase them. With their official arrival we will soon discover more details about these new phones, details that were not mentioned in the presentation. Meanwhile, the first rumors of the iPhone 13 are already beginning to appear.

iPhone 13 Rumors and predictions more than early

Iphone 13 rumor
iPhone 13

The Twitter account @LeaksApplePro has spoken about the future generation of the iPhone family. It must be said that this leaker has a rather irregular hit record, although its reliability has improved considerably in recent weeks. It’s also important to note that it ‘s remarkably early to talk about future iPhones design. Usually the design stage closes at the end of the year, maybe a bit later in this atypical 2020, so we can expect changes in the predictions.

The tweet in question makes several predictions about future iPhones. First he talks about the inclusion of Touch ID under the lower half of the screen, then about the absence of ports , the battery redesigned to last longer, the camera improvements and the arrival of 120Hz.

Among all these predictions there are some that, with what we know so far, we could accept as good. Ming-Chi Kuo already predicted, about a year ago, that the 2021 iPhones would come without ports , at least one of the models. Similarly, 120 Hz has been rumors for a long time and was actually expected to arrive in this generation. As for batteries and cameras, the truth is that Apple redesigns, adapts, relocates and improves, even if it is little, year after year, so the rumors of iPhone 13 should not be an exception.

Touch ID under the bottom half of the screen instead of on the unlock button?

Now, the Touch ID sensor under the screen is something that, although many would expect, seems much less likely than the rest of the predictions. Apple is characterized by simplifying experience and features, if Face ID works it seems almost impossible to add an alternative method such as Touch ID. Or does that mean that Face ID will disappear after the tremendous investment that Apple has made? It does not seem. Face ID, especially if we see it coming to the new Macs with Apple Silicon, is here to stay. On the other hand, its presence only at the bottom of the screen is something that also attracts attention. If the arrival of this system to the iPad, with its larger screen, is expected to standardize the products, in which areas will it be available? It would seem more coherent to implement Touch ID on the unlock button, as we have seen on the iPad Air (2020).

This leak / prediction leaves many questions unanswered. The truth is that we have practically reached the ceiling of innovation in mobile devices and, nevertheless, if there is any company capable of surprising us and making us say “sure, it makes all the sense in the world, how could we not already do it like that?” that’s apple. We will continue to monitor the development of the future generation of iPhone, while we can focus on enjoying the current one.

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