Now we can more easily delete the data stored by the sites in Google Chrome

In the next version of Chrome, we will be able to eliminate the data stored by websites in the browser much more easily and directly.A few days ago we told you about all the new features and functionalities that Chrome 96 has included, a new version of the most popular browser of the moment that, among other novelties, allows us to recover pages closed by mistake in a much faster and more efficient way.

But Chrome developers are already working on Chrome 97, and despite the beta version is already being tested by different users with a series of significant changes related to the deletion of data stored on websites through the browser.

And it is that when we visit a web page through a browser, we are stored in the same different information such as the pertinent cookies, some elements that we can manage very easily through the Chrome configuration options and that now will be improved in a future version of the browser.

However, as they have explained in the development blog, it basically simplifies the website storage configuration by allowing users to delete all the data stored by an individual site.

With this, Chrome will remove certain controls to make it easier for users. They believe that this change will provide a clearer experience to users and thus reduce the possibility of users breaking the settings in the browser when accessing a website.

On the other hand, Chrome 97 also brings several improvements including compatibility with the WebTransport API and CSS media queries to verify if a screen is compatible with HDR.At the moment Chrome 97 beta has begun to be implemented in the beta channel but it will not reach the stable version for several weeks, and it is likely that some of these changes may even be delayed to a later version as has happened on previous occasions.

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