Google chrome and meet updated with customer features

Google has updated two of its great services, its browser per excellence Chrome and Meet, the video calling platform that today has millions of users around the world for teleworking. The first has been renewed with a desktop version and a mobile application with the Android operating system. Among the tools introduced in the update, the most important are a tab restore tool and a smart link copy tool. While Meet has made changes to the lighting or color texture.

If you use Chrome and Meet, discover below the new features that come with the update.

New features added in Google Chrome

The update rate of Google Chrome has brought new features to the latest version of the Mountain View browser app. The new functions improve the experience of using the application. These are detailed below:

On desk

When you access the Google Chrome browser on your computer or PC, you will probably see a message indicating three new enhancements implemented by Mountain View. These are:

Tab Search

If you are one of those people who always have many tabs open and you don’t remember where to look, Chrome has finally a solution.Google has implemented a new tab search feature in your browser. This way, you can find the one you are specifically looking for without having to type them all.

New backgrounds with innovative colors

There are new backgrounds and colors on the Chrome site, and you can now access them via the button Personalize, located in the lower right corner.If you use multiple profiles, you can choose a different background for each of them.

Background color and theme on Google chrome
Background color and theme in Google chrome

Smart link copy

With this option you will be able to direct your contacts to the section of the article you are currently reading.When you share a link, the new option Copy link to featured textChrome allows you to share specific parts of the web page you are visiting. When your recipient opens the link, the web page does not open at the top, but in the area they selected.

In android

To access this update from Google Chrome, you must first ensure that your application does not have any pending updates through the Google Play Store. Once this process is complete, you will be able to enjoy two important functions.

Web applications

Google Chrome for Android also added an improvement for the use of progressive web applications; that is, a type of application that can be used from a browser instead of having to install an APK.Now you can access custom URLs directly and quickly.

Recover closed tabs

This feature is intended to help you undo one of the most common mistakes when browsing the web – accidentally closing all tabs.With just one button, Chrome allows you to retrieve all the web pages you have typed much faster than before.

New Google Meet features added

Communication platforms became a fundamental part of the ‘new normal’, taking into account that it was digital resources that allowed people to be connected with their work or study colleagues in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

Thus, applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet took over people’s time with meetings that became more and more recurring. In the case of the latter, all of us at some point have chosen local funds that did not exactly match what we wanted. Basically because there is no real integration between us and the environment that we have defined.

It is quite normal for light sources to affect differently if we are in a bright environment in a cafe at noon than at home at night and we only have a few lights on. This is where Google Meet decided to make changes so that the public believes that we really are somewhere else.

Immersive and immersive backgrounds

This is how Google itself baptized them. He decided to change the amount of funds available in Meet for the web, that is, in cases where we use Chrome on the computer to make video calls, whether you have Windows , macOS, or even ChromeOS. So within hours, Mountain View workers released this update. This update should be fully distributed within the next 15 days.

immersive color and background in Google meet
immersive color and background in Google meet

The new wallpapers have a total of five backgrounds, offering some movement and most importantly light effects that change when we move our heads.These funds are reduced to two, although differentiated according to the time of day they represent or the prevailing climate.

In the case of an apartment, we can activate it in morning or night mode, to synchronize them with the time of the video call.On the other hand, at the bottom of the cafe we ​​will have the rainy, snowy or sunny weather settings.

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