Nfortec Nekkar review: hard and cold as metal

Summer is coming, and with it the high temperatures. And it is that the air conditioning and the mid-morning showers help to cope with the drink, we are not always the ones who have the worst time, but our computer. That is why having a tower with good ventilation has become one of the basic for all users, especially gamers.

Reason why today we delve into more detail about the recently presented Nfortec Nekkar, some towers that combine design, robustness and functionality with a design of three front fans that will allow us to maintain a constant flow of air within our equipment, thus covering all the basic needs of any user.

Nfortec Nekkar Specifications

FormatE-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX
MaterialsSPCC steel and tempered glass
Dimensions415 x 220 x 483 mm
Weight5.95 kg
Fans· Three fans ARGB front 120 mm (included)
· A fan 120 mm rear ARGB (included)
Connectors2x USB 3.0 and two 3.5 mm jack inputs (Audio and Microphone)
OthersARGB LED driver; mesh front; upper, lower and front dust filters
Compatibility and expansion· CPU heatsink: Up to 170 millimeters (not included)
· Graphics card: Up to 340 millimeters (not included)
· Power supply: ATX format up to 230 millimeters (not included) placed on the bottom
· Fans: Front space for three fans 120 millimeters or two 140 millimeters; rear for a 120 millimeter fan; and higher for two fans 120 mm or two 140 mm (not included)
· Storage x7 expansion bays and media storage 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches
PriceFrom 89.95 euros

Starting with its design, we cannot avoid stopping at its front face, since it is a steel grid panel that will extend from top to bottom of the box, creating a unique aesthetic while optimizing the inflow air and the dust filter is hidden. And it is that without a doubt, on a personal level, this design is one of the greatest attractions of this tower, with finishes that will allow us to keep a certain sobriety while creating unique light effects, with an aesthetic that fits completely ease in any setup.

So, on this occasion, we had the opportunity to test the Nekkar «Gun-Metal & Black» , a combination of dark gray metallic finishes with black details and finishes that undoubtedly give it a rugged and sober character., while elegant, maintaining those gaming lines so sought after by users.

Nfortec Nekkar
Nfortec Nekkar

As we can see in its specifications, this box will have a large internal space, mainly focused on optimizing air flow, with the inclusion of up to three air vents and the ability to install up to 7 120mm fans. In fact, the Nfortec Nekkar is already equipped with three front fans and a rear fan, all of them with ARGB lighting already connected to the tower controller, configurable through its remote control or our board’s own software.

A ventilation that will be completed in the lower and upper parts of the tower, where we can find some lifting legs with padding that will allow the box to be raised slightly to take advantage of its lower ventilation grill as well as allow us to access and extract its dust filters; and a second flimsy and magnetized filter in the upper part, which will allow us to remove and place it with extreme ease.

Ending with a last look at the exterior, located at the top of the tower, we can find quick access to the main functionalities of turning the tower on and off, the Reset button, and a powerful extra connectivity section with two ports USB 3.0 and a double 3.5mm jack output to connect speakers or headphones and microphones.

Nfortec Nekkar
Nfortec Nekkar

Moving on to its interior, the first thing to highlight is undoubtedly the presence of a hinged side door for accessing the interior of the tower, which will allow us to make it easier to clean, assemble or update components. And it is that we find a compatible space for E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards and it has a slightly smaller size than that of other towers of similar format, yes, without sacrificing its configuration options.

Specifically, we can place graphics cards up to 340 mm or Cooler with a maximum height of 170 mm. Its lower independent bay accommodates power supplies up to 230mm and has 7 expansion slots. In addition, it has a bay in which you can install 3.5 ”or 2.5” mechanical hard drives. Finally, it is worth highlighting the possibility of installing a 120mm liquid cooling at the rear, up to 280mm at the top or up to 360mm at the front.

In the same way, its independent lower semi-fairing will allow us to separate the spaces for the power supply and the hard drives, thus isolating the heat expelled by the source, and largely avoiding its transfer to the rest of the components. On the other hand, this fairing also offers us a new help when it comes to hiding most of the wiring, allowing us to maintain a more efficient space when expanding components, and the “cleaning” of the internal design itself.

In addition, a simple detail that has pleasantly surprised us about the Nekkar, is that we will have a couple of small grooves finished in a soft foam designed to place, raise and hold the power supply, allowing an easier installation avoiding that it is move, while improving the air flow of it. As well as the fact that the HDD and SSD mounting spaces can be removed, leaving greater freedom for source cabling.

Nfortec Nekkar review
Nfortec Nekkar

In addition, another thing that we will also notice (and appreciate) at the time of its assembly, is that the Nfortec Nekkar has the main connections for the fans already pre-installed, so just by opening the second side of the box we will have quick access to connect the main accessories and enjoy the lighting experience of the same. In addition, the use of a common control center for lighting will greatly facilitate the installation of new fans, greatly expanding the sockets available on the motherboard.

In general terms, Nekkar is presented as a high quality tower that will more than comply with all the basic points to meet the needs of any user, with a wide expandability, great ease of assembly and updating, and a design that stands out above any configuration thanks to its RGB lighting effects and unique color finishes.

Nfortec Nekkar
Nfortec Nekkar

All this while maintaining one of the basic points of the brand, with a price that, although slightly higher this time, remains within quite acceptable ranges.

And it is already available for purchase, currently we can find the Nfortec Nekkar through the official website of the brand under its two variants of White and gray, and Gun-Metal and black, with a recommended price of 89.95 euros. 

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