MotoGP 21 impressions: Racing in the new generation with more realism and better graphics

Milestone is back for another year with a new MotoGP installment. Year after year, Italians try to improve themselves by implementing new improvements and additions, and in the case of MotoGP 21, it will mark the debut of this new generation console sports saga with a handful of new features. We tell you about them in our impressions.

One more year we have the launch of a new installment of the most famous series of titles based on the world motorcycle championship. Yes, it is time to review the news that MotoGP 21 offers us and to tell you our first impressions on the asphalt.

From the moment we start the game we are clear that we are facing the official product of the world motorcycle championship and that, thanks to this, we will be able to face all the pilots who make the covers of the media. We will finally be able to face Marc Márquez, Jorge Lorenzo or Valentino Rossi on the track and show that we can overcome them.

Of course, we must bear in mind that we are facing a simulation experience and that we will have to master our bike to be able to have guarantees of victory. In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize the extraordinary work carried out by Milestone in terms of the physics of both the motorcycle and the motorcyclist: we will have to correctly balance the weights of both to avoid hitting our bones (and our parts on the asphalt).

Delving a bit into the realistic aspect that this saga has always had, this time aspects related to the recovery of the motorcycle in the event of a fall have been incorporated: now we will have to be the ones who will get up and get back on the bike. the bike as fast as we can so as not to lose too much time against our rivals. Because yes, thanks to the new brake temperature system we will have to keep a watchful eye to prevent mismanagement of the brakes from causing our cornering performance to be too affected.

The news of MotoGP 21

 The time trial mode is ideal for testing the different circuits and training

Another novelty that this MotoGP 21 brings is in the classification system for races. In other installments we did not have specific penalties if we got off the track: in this case, specific concepts have been included to ensure that our times are as close to reality as possible. In this demo version that we have been able to enjoy, we have two modes available: Grand Prix and Time Attack.

The first allows us to play one of the official races of the competition in full, going through each and every one of the tests that take place during the weekend: free training on Fridays and Saturdays, Q1 qualification rounds and Q2 and, finally, the race on Sunday. The time trial mode is ideal for testing the different circuits and training for the real competition.

In the final version we will have a Manager mode in which we can control each and every aspect of our team, with a progression system that will allow us to use the so-called R&D points to improve aspects such as Engine Power, Aerodynamics or electronic characteristics. Before putting on our helmet, sitting on the motorcycle and starting the race, we will be allowed to manage aspects such as the type of tires we will use, the fuel level or the braking system. If you are not very knowledgeable in the matter do not worry, MotoGP 21 is friendly in this regard and provides the player with automatic assistance options that will come in handy in the first races.

Entering the asphalt, the first thing to note is the great fidelity that the title offers with respect to the representation of the different circuits and motorcyclists. Fans of the sport of two wheels will undoubtedly recognize each of the curves of the different routes, as well as the buildings surrounding the tracks. In this sense, we can only congratulate the Milestone studio for the great work carried out in terms of the setting, although it is true that the spectators in the stands do not have an excessive level of detail. Of course, at the speed at which we are going to move, I don’t think we have time to focus too much on it.

MotoGP 21 Release Date
We can create a pilot to our liking to compete against the greats of the sport of two wheels

MotoGP 21 is a proposal designed for speed, but with control

Because yes, MotoGP 21 is a proposal designed for speed, but with control. The simulator character of the work is noticeable from minute one and we will not get very far if we simply press the trigger to accelerate. We will have to take the curves with caution, always considering our center of mass, as well as always keeping an eye on our rivals since, in the end, we will all try to take the curves as tightly as possible to win those hundredths that they can. lift us to the podium. That said, MotoGP 21 helps us during the different races by means of a series of arrows that show us how to draw the curves in an optimal way, although this can be deactivated if the player requires it.

Our opponents on the track have a good level of artificial intelligence (using the ANNA system that incorporates machine learning) and we will see how they try to avoid colliding with other rivals by maneuvering to get away from possible collisions. Winning races at the first change will not be an easy task at all and we will have to practice in the training rounds to dominate the circuits perfectly if we want to have a minimum chance of victory. MOTO GP 21 is really a challenging experience far from other more arcane experiences, but at the same time, it ends up being satisfactory once you start to master the bike.

MotoGP 21 promises to be a visual spectacle

We must highlight the good work done with the lighting and the climate

Technically MotoGP 21 is flawless. Yes, it is true that most of the artistic aspect focuses on the more than correct representation of everything that surrounds sport, but, at this point, we must highlight the good work done with regard to lighting and, above all, with the faithful representation of the different climates that can occur during the race. In this sense, I would like to highlight the excellent work carried out regarding the representation of rain, showing a wet asphalt stained with highly realistic highlights and reflections.

As for the sound section, we will not have melodies during the race itself, but we will have pleasant (but not memorable) compositions while navigating through the menus. Once on the asphalt we will have careful sound effects, as well as instructions from our team. In order to complete the excellent setting and increase the fidelity of the representation of the championship, the title is completely localized into Spanish both in text and voices.

In short, our first steps with MotoGP 21 show that the franchise continues to be a benchmark when it comes to simulating the sport of two wheels. The novelties that we have been able to enjoy only reinforce those points where perhaps some improvement was required, such as realism regarding some situations such as falls and, above all, regarding artificial intelligence. We look forward to the final version of the title to see if the promising Career mode lives up to the expectations created.

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