How to quickly share games with Steam Family Loan

We can share games with steam family loan to our friends and family for free. These shared games can be played without any charges. It is one of the good option to share games to our trusted ones.

With a catalog of several hundred thousand titles, it is normal that not all users have all the games available on Steam. And it is that although we always end up sinning during their recurring periods of offers, our portfolio does not always allow us to have all the games that we would like.

Although we can always make use of the Steam Family Loan, an option that will allow us to share the games in our library with our trusted family and friends. A completely free service whose activation will not take us more than a few minutes, with a fairly simple configuration that we will review below.

How to activate Steam Family Loan

Also known as Steam Family Sharing. The first thing we must do is  activate Steam Guard, the platform’s double authentication tool. To do this, we will only have to access the “Steam” tab, in the upper left corner of the menu, and access the options and “Parameters“.

From this new pop-up window, and in the first side section of  «Account», we will only have to click on «Manage the Steam Guard Protection of the account», and follow the steps that the wizard of the tool will give us. Once this is done, we can now proceed to activate permissions on  the computers of friends or family  with whom we want to share our games library.

Share games with steam family loan
Steam Family Loan
Share games with steam family loan
Steam Family Loan

To do this, we will have to access the computer of our family member or friend with whom we want to share our games physically, using our Steam account. Following the same steps as in the previous action, we will access the « Parameters» menu, this time selecting the second option in the side column, «Family» . From here, we will only have to click on the option “Authorize the family loan on this computer”, and the computer will automatically search for computers that are connected to our same network.

We can also manage the computers within our loan group by clicking on the “Manage other computers” option  that appears in the ” Parameters> Family” window, where we can see both the users and the last active sessions, and manage the permissions of the same.

Steam Family Loan Limitations

Of course, as it is a free tool that replaces the need to buy games on this platform, we will also have certain limitations for the service.

The first, interestingly, is that not all games in shared libraries may appear in secondary accounts, as there is a small selection of titles that are not compatible with this service.

In addition, we can only authorize a maximum of 5 accounts and 10 computers under the same account and shared library counting our devices, something important to note in the event that we use a desktop computer and an additional laptop.

On the other hand, the biggest limitation of the Steam family loan is that we will not be able to access the library simultaneously. And it is that whether the host or one of the guests opens a game from the library, it will block access to all the games of the rest of the users.

Even so, the account owner will always have the preference, being able to access the games at any time even if there is another person in their library. Of course, causing the departure of this other person, who will have a few minutes of courtesy to purchase the game before losing the connection to it.

However, there are some small ways to evade this limitation, especially with games that do not require an online connection, closing our Steam session when we already have the game started.

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