Mophie launches three-in-one MagSafe compatible wireless charging dock

Mophie today launched a new 3-in-1 wireless charging stand, which is characterized by being able to work with Apple’s official MagSafe charger, but the latter obviously requires consumers to prepare by themselves. In addition to placing AirPods true wireless earphones and Apple Watch smart watches on both sides of the wireless charging pad, the vertical bracket in the middle can also facilitate users to hang the iPhone smart phone on it through the MagSafe magnetic method.

Mophie wireless charger
Mophie wireless charger

Mophie wireless charger is made of white plastic and silver aluminum and can be used seamlessly with the MagSafe charger. There is a cable for charging AirPods and Apple Watch on the base, but the charging head needs to be prepared by yourself. 

For users who like MagSafe magnetic charging, Mophie’s wireless charger supports horizontal and vertical modes in the vertical stand, and can provide up to 15W of wireless charging power (iPhone 12 mini is 12W).

At present, this three-in-one MagSafe wireless charger is available on the official websites of Mophie and Apple, and the price is US $89.65

In addition, the original MagSafe charger is priced at 40 US dollars so the total price is as high as 130 US dollars.

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