Microsoft will distribute the Surface Duo with Android during Summer

One of the most innovative Android devices in recent times begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel: Microsoft is almost on the verge of releasing its Surface Duo to the world , the device with a double screen that it already anticipated almost a year ago. Microsoft will distribute the Surface Duo with Android in Summer.

Talking about Android and Microsoft might seem strange at first glance, but it is not an association that raises doubts either: the company has been putting great efforts into Google’s operating system for some time . All Office applications , one of the best launchers available on Google Play and even direct compatibility with computers: Microsoft has made Android a platform with which to bring its software to mobiles. And it is not only satisfied with the software, that the Surface Duo aspires to be a smartphone / tablet that will make people talk.
The Microsoft Surface Duo is a mixture of smartphone and tablet that runs away from folding screens to present two panels joined together by hinges. It’s an idea already implemented ZTE with Axon M, for example, also Sony with its Tablet P. And that Microsoft has been developing for months by implementing exclusive software solutions with which to take advantage of the peculiarities of the device.
Since the Microsoft Surface Duo is a hybrid between mobile and tablet, and that the double screen has a somewhat greater potential than that offered by flexible screens ( its hinge and double panel system allows a greater turning range ), the company has even created a development portal for creators to make the best use of its advantages. And of course, the creation of the tools has become so widespread that we already believed that Microsoft had forgotten about the launch. It is not the case.

As confirmed in Windows Central , and always after consulting internal sources from Microsoft, the Surface Duo would be in full production , so the first smartphone and tablet hybrids would not be too far from their buyers. Specifically, Windows Central ensures that Microsoft would have raised August 24 as the date of release , a day that coincides with speculation during the presentation of the Microsoft Surface Duo.
We will see if it finally ends up being marketed at the end of August and how Microsoft has adapted to Android as its hardware operating system. It is not the first time that it does (there were the Nokia X ), but it will be the first time that it aspires to revolutionize its use.

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