Microsoft adding new features in office package.

Office 365

Microsoft is adding exciting features to it’s windows 10 OS as well as office suite. Microsoft has added AI features to Word, PowerPoint, One Note, Excel and other applications. These changes and features will be seen in the beginning of 2020.

Microsoft always refines features over time. It’s users always get the right product at the right time. It’s team always try to give out productive features to its users. Many of the features also rely on machine learning models that adapt based on usage. You get this amazing signal about how it’s making them more productive, how often are they using it and engaging with it, how often are they keeping the results of what you suggest to them.

Below are some of the major AI features added to Office this year.


As users are using Office every day, so Microsoft have a sense of what projects are important to them what people are important to them. And that really led Microsoft to kind of think harder about how we narrow our focus and drill really deeply into being this productivity assistant.

Play My Emails in Outlook uses to Cortana to help you stay on top of your inbox, especially when you’re on the go. Microsoft wants Cortana to be your personal productivity assistant and give you back time in your day. Cortana reads out your new emails intelligently, meaning rather than reading every detail. It summarizes and surfaces information like the sender, time sent, and email contents. Play My Emails is currently available in Outlook for iOS in the U.S., with availability for Android in the works.


Scheduler taps Cortana to help you schedule your meetings. You can include Cortana in your email to participants and let it know what you need in the body of the email (duration, timing, and location of the meeting) using natural language. You can also just write “Find a time for us” and ask Cortana to book a conference room or a call. If you have access to your participants’ calendar availability, Cortana will book the meeting when everyone is available. If you’re meeting with people outside of your organization, Cortana will email them a few possible meeting times and broker a time that works for everyone. Meeting participants can accept the suggestion or propose new times by using natural language. Cortana will then send out an invite to everyone for you. Scheduler is in preview today and will hit generally available in early 2020.


The first AI feature in Excel is a perfect example of Microsoft trying to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop. The second feature is all about gleaning insights from data for the user.

Assistant is ready to help do all the busy work for us and let us focus on the insights from the data.

Insert Data from Picture feature in the Excel mobile app helps you import analog data. With this feature, you can easily grab data in a table from a physical piece of paper. You can thus convert financial spreadsheets, work schedules, task lists, timetables, and so on into a digital format in Excel. Insert Data from Picture supports 21 languages on Android and iOS.


Excel supports natural language queries. It means you can ask a question about your data and get quick answers without writing a formula. Using AI, Excel will quickly answer data questions using formulas, charts, or pivot tables. This feature is available for Office Insiders on Windows, Mac, and Excel for the web in English.


PowerPoint has defined business presentations over the past decade. But the software itself hasn’t seen major gains. The AI features Microsoft has been adding over the past few years have made the tool much smarter.

If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or speak a different language from the presenter, a PowerPoint presentation can be difficult to follow. Live Captions and Subtitles in PowerPoint help everyone in the room understand the presentation. Powered by AI, this feature provides captions and subtitles for presentations in real time. Captions and subtitles can be displayed in the same language that the presenter is speaking or as a translation. The feature supports 12 spoken languages and displays on-screen captions or subtitles in over 60 languages.

Presenter Coach uses AI to help business professionals, teachers, and students improve their presentation skills. When you enter rehearsal mode and speak into a microphone, the feature gives you real-time on-screen feedback on pacing, the use of filler words, and inclusive language. It even warns you if you are reading off your slides. Presenter Coach generates a report so you can practice and learn from the feedback. The feature is available in public preview for English users in PowerPoint on the web.

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