Microsoft hits the table and lowers its commission from 30% to 12% for the publication of titles in the Microsoft Store

Fantastic financial move that Microsoft has just announced. As reported from its official blog, the US company wants to hit the table in the market.

We are talking about a reduction from 30% to 12% in the commission charged by the company for publishing video games in the Microsoft Store, which will allow many developers to decide to take the step of joining this platform.

This measure will take effect from August 1 and Matt Booty, leader of Xbox Game Studios, welcomes the announcement, since “a clear and untethered revenue share will bring more games to more players and help developers find the success”.

This change will only affect titles published in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store, so the 30% percentage will remain unchanged in the case of Xbox. In this way, Steam and GOG remain as the PC online stores that still maintain a 30% commission for video game creators.

On the other hand we find the Epic Games Store, which already has that 12% commission established. In this way, Microsoft catches up with Tim Sweeney’s platform.

Microsoft Store lowers the commission

“We know we still have a lot of work to do, but based on feedback from both PC gamers and PC game developers, we believe we are heading in the right direction for this community with the investments we are making,” Booty clarifies.

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