How to use split screen in Windows 11

We are going to explain how to use split screen options in Windows 11 , so that you can know how you can easily organize different applications on the screen. In Windows 11, being able to organize yourself is much easier, you just have to move the mouse pointer over a specific part of the screen of one of the applications, and then choose which layout you want to use.

Windows 11 offers several different designs for split screens, initially six in which you will be able to organize two, three or four applications on the same screen. In addition, you will also be able to move its divisions to change the proportions of the sizes.

Windows 11 split screens

The first thing you have to do is move the mouse pointer over the full screen button that appears in the upper right corner of a Windows window. Here, you only pass the mouse pointer without clicking on the button, since by clicking you perform an action different from the one we want.

When you hover the mouse pointer over that button in the upper right corner to put it in full screen, a pop-up window will appear with different split screen layouts . You will see that there are different models to split the screen with room for two, three or four applications.

Once this window is displayed, you have to click on one of the locations of one of the designs that appear in a window. For example, if you want to use a split screen design with a site for two applications, you have to click on one of those sites, which will appear highlighted so that you can see where you are going to place one of the applications.

The application in whose window you were doing this will be placed in the location that you have decided in the selected design. The other remaining holes in that layout will then be displayed. In each hole you will be asked to choose the application you want to place in it.

Everything here will depend on the design you have chosen, but you will be asked to choose a different application in each of the holes. You have different designs, so you can explore the different possibilities to organize the screen to your liking.

Finally, you can drag the borders between the applications to change the sizes that are in the split screen divisions. You simply have to press and hold on the dividing line and move it to one of the sides to change the size to suit you. You will keep the design you have chosen, but you can change the proportions of each hole.

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