Edge Legacy Browser will be automatically cleared with Windows 10 Update Scheduled For April

Microsoft edge legacy browser is Microsoft’s latest browser for Windows 10. Microsoft set aside its historic Internet Explorer browser in 2015, replacing it for the first Microsoft Edge legacy browser. Now, six years later, this last browser, now known as Edge Legacy, will become a history in favor of his heir, the new Edge based on Chromium. Microsoft already announced last summer that Edge Legacy (the browser that Windows 10 brings pre-installed by default) would stop receiving support on March 9 of this year. Now we know what you plan to do with those teams that continue to use it after that date.

We’ll say goodbye to old Edge whether we want to or not

Microsoft edge legacy browser

According to one of their corporate blogs, the Redmond plan is to eliminate Edge Legacy browser from our computers by installing Windows 10 will be released on April 13, and install the new Edge. So, if by this time we continue to use the old Edge, after the update we will see how its icons are automatically replaced by those of its successor. From Microsoft, however, they recommend not waiting until then and first change one browser to the other.

Microsoft won’t miss Edge Legacy browser

Edge Legacy browser was based at the time on an evolution of the same technologies on which the historical Internet Explorer had been based, while the company’s new browser shares code with rivals such as Google Chrome or Brave Browser.

This has undoubtedly been a change that has been good for Edge and Microsoft, as it has allowed them to gain market share and take over the position of second most used browser, to the detriment of Mozilla Firefox.

Interestingly, the old Internet Explorer 11 will die after its successor, as the company explained in August, it will not stop receiving security updates until August 2021.

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