Internet explorer permanently disabled browsing sites; suggests switching to edge browser

With the arrival of the new Chromium-based Edge, Microsoft is convincing users of the classic version of Edge browser to make the leap to the new browser. The new engine arrives through an update. A change that does not affect Internet Explorer, which is still usable.

It is not surprising, since there are not few procedures, especially before official organizations, which require the use of Internet Explorer … in 2020. And despite the fact that its use is already residual, Microsoft wants to end IE once and for all all and plans to limit their use by preventing access to certain websites with this browser.

Edge browser: Goodbye Internet Explorer

internet explorer switch to edge browser
Internet explorer switch to Edge

Among the methods used to convince us to use the new Edge, Microsoft plans to limit the use of Internet Explorer. This is what they say through ZDNet when stating that when the American company launches the next version of its Edge browser, it will limit access via IE to about 1,156 web pages.

Apparently, the update that will make it possible should arrive during the month of November and among the affected pages you will see such common sites as is the case of YouTube, Twitter , Instagram … When trying to access one of these sites the system will redirect user to use Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has been gradually rolling out the feature on a trial basis with some Windows Edge users since the release of version 84 this summer. A change that is based on the use of a DLL file that Microsoft has been integrating into Edge. The DLL file, called ie_to_edge_bho.dll, is a helper object of the BHO browser (BHO files are add-ons for Internet Explorer that are installed in the path:

  • C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft \ Edge \ Application [VERSION] \ BHO \
  • C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft \ Edge \ Application [VERSION] \ BHO \

The BHO file monitors which websites a user tries to access regardless of how they access that page. At that point, the file determines if the URL we are trying to access is on a list of sites with known IE incompatibilities. At that point, a message like this will appear on the screen:

“You have been redirected to Microsoft Edge, where you can continue browsing without interruption. If you find a site that requires Internet Explorer, you can load that site in Internet Explorer mode without leaving Microsoft Edge.”

However, they warn that if necessary, this website can be loaded in Internet Explorer mode as one of the options offered by the new Edge , a process that we already reviewed in its day.

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