What is APN and why it is used

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We all need an internet connection on our devices to do almost everything with them. Most brands and telephone operators do the work for us to enjoy data on our mobile without making any configuration. However, if you buy an unlocked smartphone or unlock one, you need to do a little work so that everything goes smoothly.

Thus, the first thing that comes into play is what is known as APN, a type of necessary configuration of the operator to tell the mobile how to connect to the Internet. For each one you will need to enter a different address, it is crucially important that the mobile phone is capable of doing the process automatically. But don’t worry, if for some reason it is necessary to do it manually, here we will explain the process to do so.

In case you didn’t know, an APN ( Access point name ) is an internal configuration that mobile phones carry with them directly from the factory. This function is what allows you to connect to a data network from any operator. Almost always, this function is automatic, but there may also be cases in which this is not the case.

APN Types

Generally, we can classify APNs into two types: public and private. As its name indicates, the public ones are for public networks (parks, malls, etc.) and the private ones are for private networks (house, apartment, etc.). In the first place, we will have the public APN, for the vast majority they are the most common among the APNs, so we will know that it is one of the most common in these subjects. Regarding private APNs, the device can connect to an internal APN network through a VPN gateway.

With these combinations and the different IP addresses we have 2 types, which we have, the APNs with static IP and private APN with static IP, the first consists of when a static IP network is used instead of a dynamic one. So that you can understand it better, an IP address is assigned to each computer to identify it (as if it were a house address). Thus, a static IP means that it does not change from the device, but most devices receive a dynamic IP from the network, which usually changes over time.

How to connect APN to Android?

In this case, enter the configuration or settings section, you will find the mobile data option and there will be the internet access point, which will indicate an option both to edit or create a new APN. Following this, depending on the operator, you have to look for the parameters of each one to enter the data in your mobile (name, APN, proxy server, among other data).

How to connect the APN on iOS?

For this model it is really similar. In the settings or configuration section, you will find the mobile data option, in which you can locate the personal access point, where you can configure your APN. Once this is done, everything will depend on the operator in charge, where you will have to search on Google to find out specifically what data is necessary. For example, if you were to search for Movistar or Orange, it would be like this:

Movistar :

Name: Movistar
APN: movistar.es
Proxy: Not defined
Port: Not defined
Username: MOVISTAR
Password: MOVISTAR
Server: Not defined
MMSC: http://mms.movistar.com
MMS Proxy: Not defined
MMS Port: Not defined
MCC : 214
MNC: 7


Name: Orange Mobile Internet
APN: orangeworld
Username: orange
Password: orange
MCC: 214
MNC: 03
Authentication type: PAP
APN type: default

We know that it can be a bit complex to understand what the APN is about and its importance. However, by taking this into account, you can get out of trouble by not having internet, or help any family member and friend who is in this situation.

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