Microsoft announces new rules for the app store: it will not force the use of its own payment system

Microsoft published a blog post on Wednesday, announcing a number of operational commitments on the digital store, showing a more friendly attitude to external developers, thereby securing its $68.7 billion acquisition. As Blizzard successfully approved.

Microsoft President and Vice Chairman Brad Smith said in a blog post that Microsoft will not use non-public information from the App Store to compete with other developers’ products. The company’s principles also reveal that it will allow all standards-compliant developers to use its app store, with consistent app store marketing rules that don’t favor apps from Microsoft and its partners.

Smith also said that Microsoft will not force developers to use Microsoft’s in-app payment system. Microsoft released Windows 11 last September, and the system’s app store no longer requires developers who use its own payment system to pay Microsoft a commission.

Microsoft’s clarified app store rules and announcements about Call of Duty are designed to make the Activision Blizzard deal clear with regulators. Microsoft made more promises on Wednesday, saying it will continue to develop the Call of Duty franchise for PS after the existing agreement expires, “so that Sony fans can continue to enjoy the games they love and are interested in taking similar steps to support Nintendo’s success. platform”.

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