The 10 best web search engines other than Google

It is clear that Google is the number one search engine in the world and the one that the vast majority uses, but it is not the only one that exists, since you can use others to search for that word or phrase that you need to know what websites are talking about. Today we have selected a few interesting options

Currently, there are several search engines on the web that can be an excellent alternative to what Google currently offers, because they have more advanced privacy functions in some cases, because the results may be broader or for shorter times with respect to to those offered by the one with the big G.

The results obtained by one and the other will be different, since each one uses an algorithm, something that does not necessarily mean that they are worse, but, almost certainly, the placement will be different, but with almost the same websites in view.

It will also depend on where they have oriented the search engine itself, since there are those that focus more on the result, others will be more specialists in images and videos, others will launch results faster than Google and there will be those that prioritize security over everything.

That is why it is good to know what are the main alternatives that we have right now from Google, the great dominator.

What is a search engine?

In order for us to better understand what we are talking about, we must know that it is a search engine.

It is nothing more than an Internet portal where we can explore the contents of the network based on a specific phrase or word, and can also see images and videos.

The first search engine that existed was Archie, a system to search for FTP files, although the first text search engine was Wandex, a robot that tried to measure the size of the network and that finally also read websites.

Today there are many search engines on the net and each one has its own operation, prioritizing some parameters over others and having its own characteristics.

Let’s see right now those that are the best alternatives to Google.


bing search engine

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, which the North American giant launched to end the overwhelming dominance of Google. It is the search engine that Edge has by default, in addition to Windows 11.

The attempt by those from Redmond is not that it has been a success, but it does have the second market share, especially in the US, although it is still very far from number one.

Of course, the interface is much more attractive and attractive than Google’s, since at least the background images change.


Yahoo search engine

Yahoo is one of the Internet search engines that has been with us for the longest years. It is very popular, so much so that there was a time when it was the most used and the undisputed number one.

The best thing that Yahoo has is the integration of tools like Finance, Answer or Weather, which give it much more value as well as extra information.

In 2015, it reached an agreement with Google to use the same search system.


DuckDuckGo search engine

DuckDuckGo can be an excellent alternative to Google, since its search engine is fast and efficient, but the great asset of this search engine is that it does not track users.

This search engine also uses other search engines to enhance the results of its searches, but it does all of this without sharing a single piece of information about you anywhere.

In this case, the search history is totally private and it only presents us with one ad per page.


ask search engine
ask search engine

Ask is a browser that was created to provide answers to questions, as it continues to do today, improving its system more and more, although they are far from what search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo offer.

We can ask questions about what we want such as art, science, mathematics or history among many other things. It got a very bad reputation for being the cause of the navigation bar that appeared when you installed certain programs.

Wolfram Alpha

WolframaAlpha search engine

The great difference between Wolfram Alpha and other search engines is that we are talking about direct results, not links to websites. 

As this type of data is obtained, this search engine is usually used for other types of searches such as mathematical operations, since the result will be the direct resolution of the problem, not a website where we go and look for how to solve it.


Yandex search engine

It is a search engine of Russian origin that is increasingly established throughout Europe and that has more followers every day, since, in addition to its excellent, fast and accurate search engine, it must be added that it has its own tools.

It has its own functionalities in terms of web analytics, in addition to having a fairly efficient security system that protects WiFi and does not allow DNS spoofing. 


WebCrawler search engine

It is a very old search engine, the most on this list, since it was created in 1994. It passed into the hands of AOL from 1995, to be bought again in 1997, in this case by Excite.

Currently, it uses the Google and Yahoo engines, so the results are fast and accurate. The design, as you can see in the photo above, is extremely simple and without fanfare of any kind.

Start Page

StartPage search engine

We are facing another search engine that prioritizes security above all else, so we can be sure that our data is not played with. Any query we make will be without any information about us such as IP address, location, personal or any other information. Start Page uses Google servers, sending our data completely anonymously, which means that it is not an excessively fast search engine.


Dogpile search engine

Dogpile is a particular search engine that has two characteristics that make it different. 

The first is that it asks us for permission to save the searches we have just done and the second is that it works with several search engines at the same time, such as About,, FinWhat, Google, LookSmart, Bing, Teoma and Yahoo.

It is fast, precise and has an application for both Android and iOS.


Lycos search engine

Lycos is a fairly old search engine, since it has been on the net for many years. It has its own search engine and several free services such as email, weather information, videos, etc.

The design is more attractive than what we can see in others and the search speed is at a good level. It can be a good option if we rule out Google.

As you have been able to read, there are several very interesting alternatives to the Google search engine, and it is not the only one that currently works correctly.

If ever Google doesn’t work for you as usual or you’re just tired of always using the same one, any of the ones you’ve just seen will serve you efficiently, quickly and, some of them, very safely.

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