How to watch DTT live from your mobile without installing anything


If you need to leave home, but the programme, movie or series that is being broadcast on a DTT channel has not finished, you can always use your mobile phone or a computer to continue watching it, and without needing any type of program. We tell you how.

It may be that we are at home watching one of our favorite programs and suddenly we realize that we have to leave, the power goes out or some incident occurs that prevents us from continuing to watch the DTT channel .

Well, in those moments we can use a computer or a smartphone, regardless of whether we are talking about different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android or iOS, in order not to miss the outcome of the movie, series or program that we are watching.

It will be valid for all types of devices , for the simple reason that we are not going to use any type of application to achieve it, something that may have puzzled several of you a bit.

It’s much easier than you think and best of all, we have a few options to achieve it. Let’s see what they are.

Official websites

Practically, all the channels that broadcast on DTT will let us see what they are broadcasting live from their own website.

Obviously, it is the safest way of all, since being official, there will be no unexpected cuts and good quality in what is the retransmission.

The vast majority of DTT channels have this service, including regional or local ones, but it is also true that some fail in this regard and do not offer such a service.

These are the ones that currently work to be able to see them:

Free third-party websites

There are also third-party websites with which we will be able to see what the different DTT channels are broadcasting.

These websites are free and, although they may work, they may have the occasional signal failure and behave somewhat erratically. It is true that normally all are seen without any problem.


TDTChannels is the most famous website of all. It has been reborn after not working for a while, to continue offering both radio and free-to-air television broadcasts that DTT currently broadcasts in some European countries. 

The best of all is that it is free, without any type of added cost, in addition to the fact that it works very well in general terms and we will rarely suffer downtime or serious incidents. It is also extremely positive that the database is open source and collaborative, so anyone can help develop it in the best way.

But not everything stops there, since it has a mobile application version, which makes its operation even easier.


If you enter Tivify you will realize that a paid service, but don’t worry, because it has a free version that allows you to watch the DTT channels on your computer through the browser or on any other device.

As soon as you enter the web, you will see how a DTT channel is automatically activated so that you can start enjoying this service, being able to choose the one you want from a list below the image where you will see all the possibilities of the Digital Terrestrial Television.

There is also an option in which they offer you the payment channels for 7 days for free, and then pay for one of the plans that they put at your service, which start at 1.99 euros per month.


In Diretele we will have direct access to all the websites that broadcast live the different DTT channels. That is to say, more or less the same thing that we have told you in the first point of this article, but in what one page.

When you click on a channel, what it will do is send you to the official website of that channel so you can see what they are broadcasting live.


In MiTeleOnline you can find the live broadcasts of the DTT channels. When you click on any of the options presented to you, it will automatically send you to the official website of said channel so that you can enjoy its programming.

Something that seems interesting to us is the web search system, being able to even find the program that you like the most and see one that you have missed, as long as the official website allows this type of service.

photo call

Photocall is another very interesting website with which we can see the DTT channels in a simple way, since all we have to do is click on the one we want from all those that appear on the list.

One of the characteristics of Photocall is that we have a list of foreign DTT channels, something that can be very positive for some users, especially those who live in Spain, but were not born in our country.

In addition, this website makes the transmission adapt to the screen that we use automatically, another positive service.

remote direct

This platform also offers us all the DTT channels so that we can see what they are broadcasting at the moment. Teledirecto is extremely easy to use and with a design that, for many, is excessively simple.

The good thing is that it allows us to filter the channels by General, News, Sports, Children, Eventual and by Autonomous Community. Another of the positive aspects is the search engine that it has incorporated, which finds any channel very easily and quickly.

payment services

Apart from the television services offered by the telephone operators with their various Internet, telephone and TV packs, there are also alternative platforms that are paid, which offer various services, among which are all DTT channels.

Good examples of this are:

  • FuboTV : is a platform that offers DTT channels, as well as other private and recording services. You can buy it from 3.99 euros per month.
  • Movistar+ Lite : for 8 euros a month you will see series, private channels and DTT channels, as well as some of your own such as 0 or #Vamos.

Now you have all the information on where to watch the DTT channels without needing any type of program and, best of all, in a totally legal way.

The moment you leave home you will be able to enjoy your DTT program or series without problems, so you will never miss it again.

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