Meta universe is one step further? Here comes a Japanese TV where you can lick the screen and taste

Recently, a Japanese TV that can “lick the screen and taste” has caused a lot of discussion on the Internet. This TV allows users to taste the taste of food by licking the screen when watching food shows.

This TV is called Taste the TV (TTTV), from Meiji University in Japan. It has been unveiled at the World Internet of Things Security and Data Security Summit WISS 2021.

The principle of the TV is not complicated. There is a small condiment room above the TV. There are ten condiment jars containing salty, sour, fresh, bitter, astringent, sweet, alcoholic and other seasonings. Through the mixing of seasonings, the flavors of different foods are blended and sprayed onto a disposable film (for safety and hygiene), and sent to the screen for users to taste.

In addition, the TV can also be controlled by voice, and has a long-distance learning function, which can continuously enrich the taste. The inventor of the TV said that the purpose of studying this TV is to allow people to taste the world’s food without leaving home.

The TV is not currently on the market, but the invention organization has announced the manufacturing cost of the TV, which is approximately US$875.

Japan has never disappointed netizens in the fun. However, on second thought, this thing can materialize the taste of virtual food. Does it feel that the “meta universe” is one step closer to us?

One step close to meta universe japanese tv
one step close to meta universe with Japanese TV

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