Mario Kart Tour can finally played horizontally

The next update of Mario Kart Tour will allow players to enjoy the well-known horizontal kart racing. At last Mario Kart Tour can be finally played horizontally.
Mario Kart Tour , a game that we analyzed at the time, received the expected multiplayer mode last March , one of the most demanded functions by users. Now, the Nintendo karting title has confirmed the launch of another important feature that will arrive in the game: Mario Kart Tour will finally be playable horizontally .

From now on, playing Mario Kart Tour will be totally different, since until now the only option to participate in the exciting kart races with the emblematic characters of the Japanese company was holding the mobile phone with one hand and vertically. But it seems that Nintendo has listened to the gaming community and, as announced through a video on its YouTube channel , it will finally allow users to enjoy the Mario Kart Tour races horizontally.
Thanks to the next game update, users will be able to configure the device to enjoy racing horizontally, thus achieving a fully extended field of view . One of the most criticized aspects of Mario Kart Tour was that the title could only be played vertically, since the company’s idea was that the game could be controlled perfectly with just one hand. However, many users demanded the possibility of enjoying such races horizontally, it would even be good if they end up also including virtual controls.

Nintendo will allow Mario Kart Tour to play horizontally thanks to an update.

Mario Kart Tour can be finally played horizontally. The next Mario Kart Tour update, which will take place on July 21, will not include virtual buttons – there are no plans for Nintendo to end up bringing this feature – but it will give a new control scheme adapted for those who enjoy the games horizontally. Yes, this time it will be the user himself who can choose whether to play the games vertically or horizontally depending on his taste.

What is clear is that it seems that Nintendo is listening to its wide community of players to offer the best gaming experience in one of its most downloaded titles. For now, it only remains to wait a few more hours to participate in the famous kart races in horizontal mode on the mobile device, and it would also remain to be seen if in the future the company continues to make the wishes of the players come true, such as those already mentioned. virtual controls that would give a gameplay plus to the title for smartphones.

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