A God of War Ragnarok developer is harassed and insulted for enjoying Starfield

Alanah Pearce, one of the writers of the PlayStation exclusive, has uploaded a video to her YouTube channel recounting the experience.

Although many radical people are determined to take the console war further, respect between developers prevails above all. The latest thing that has happened is something that has to do with a very important developer of God of War Ragnarok and the recent launch of Starfield, the latest Xbox exclusive that is receiving a multitude of praise.

It turns out that Alanah Pearce, Sony Santa Monica screenwriter and popular video game YouTuber, has been criticized on social networks by a radical sector of PlayStation fans who demanded her dismissal solely for playing Starfield and speaking well of it. The writer has recounted her experience in the last video that she has uploaded and acknowledges that what she is suffering is absurd. Above you can see how Pearce shows the screenshots of the insults of some users who demand their dismissal from her.

Additionally, he notes that he even spoke with Cory Barlog, director of God of War (2018), for about 10 minutes about how much they are enjoying Starfield. “When a great game comes out, the entire industry gets excited. People in the gaming industry like and care about video games as a whole. What you think matters, doesn’t matter,” he explains in statements reported by Insider Gaming.

Starfield triumphs on Steam among users

On Steam they are very clear, players are loving Starfield and currently the ratings are very good. At the time of writing this news we can see how it has 30,457 reviews and 80% of them are positive. There are many other users who complain about the performance of their computer, but Todd Howard’s recommendation for Starfield to run well is that you “improve your PC” .

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