How a ‘Magic Mouse 3’ would gain a lot with a new design

Apple’s new magic mouse 3 has been totally redesigned along with other peripherals. In one of the recent chapters of our daily podcast ‘Infinite Loop’, our colleague Javier Lacort mentioned something important: we are too focused on talking about the redesign of the iMac when the redesign of its peripherals can also come with it.

I’m talking about the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad, which are often redesigned along with the iMac. We wouldn’t find too many changes to the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, but another rooster can sing with a third-gen Magic Mouse.

Everything you could ask for in a redesigned Magic Mouse

The Magic Mouse (and we can extend it to its predecessors) has always been one of those Apple accessories that you either love or hate, no middle ground. Its great response to gestures with Macs is praised, but its ergonomics (for this reason server uses a Logitech G502) or the unfortunate position of its charging port is often hated.

Apple magic mouse 3

Let’s review the past of this mouse, because there have also been controversies in the past. The first iMacs had this Apple Mouse:

The most veteran will remember him as a mouse that broke the mold with its semitransparent color design and its round shape, but precisely because of that shape it was one of the most uncomfortable mice. It was solved with the following generations of the mouse with more elongated shapes:

The Mighty Mouse, in turn, sparked complaints that its trackball was getting stuck with some accumulated time and dirt. Solution? Get rid of that mechanical part and create the Magic Mouse that we all know. Which is a kind of trackpad with a built-in click in the shape of a mouse.

And as I said before, the idea is good. But not ergonomically, as all of us who work long hours in front of a Mac know. So, with the first serious redesign of the iMac in more than a decade, what can Apple do to make its desktop mouse convince everyone? the world?

The first thing a Magic Mouse 3 redesign needs is ergonomics

First of all, ergonomics. A Magic Mouse 3 must learn from the mistakes of its first design. And now that Jony Ive is no longer in the ranks of Apple Park, we should see an approach to that comfort over design.

The second, that the load does not prevent the use of the mouse itself. It would be enough to place the Lightning port on the front, or provide it with induction charging to be able to leave it on any wireless base. Or as Lacort mentions in the podcast, create a mouse pad that charges the mouse as we move it over it.

Optionally, we could also talk about extra buttons, although we are already approaching a field in which Apple normally does not want to enter for that of defending the simplicity of use of its products.

The rest of the characteristics, such as the materials, are anyone’s guess. Usually leaks appear shortly before the launch of the new iMac, but as these will not appear until autumn it is still too early to expect them.

Apple has spent a season reversing some changes that were made to improve the design, such as the return to a modular Mac Pro or the disappearance of keyboards with a butterfly mechanism. Rumors suggest that these are changes that will continue to be made, so I confess that I am very curious to know if the Magic Mouse 3 will also be affected. Personally, I think that you can really take advantage of the room for improvement you have.

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