Apple M1 processor infected by malware

Since the Apple M1 hit the market, it’s all been praise and good news, in fact Patrick Wardle praised Apple’s efforts when it comes to the safety of its new processor.

Apple’s new processor with ARM architecture has been compared to all its competition, but this moment had to come as well. The first malware rears its head on Mac computers with M1.

But this same former NSA researcher has been the one who has warned about the malware that affects thousands of users with new generation Mac computers, that is, with Apple’s M1 processor. The researcher comments that thousands of users have been infected.

This researcher discovered a native Apple M1 version of the Pirrit malware. When Wardle discovered the existence of, he realized that it was a virus that could have infected thousands of users around the world. accesses the computer by downloading free software and what it does is hijack the browser by collecting browsing data and user information and displaying ads.

What is surprising is that cybercriminals are updating very quickly and are already creating custom threats (with multiple architecture). This is why the code will run natively on a Mac with M1.

Apple M1 processor infected by malware

Another alarming thing is that security software has a hard time detecting this type of malware. According to Patrick Wardle, current anti viruses have detected this malware on Intel computers, but could not identify the version of the Pirrit virus on computers with Apple M1.

This has already been communicated to the Cupertino company and what they have done is revoke the developer’s certificate and it can no longer be run. Having been revoked, says Patrick Wardle, there are questions that cannot be answered such as the distribution of the virus.

Apple will continue working to strengthen its security on all its computers and especially on its new SOC M1. But as a basic advice we can say that we advise against downloading software from websites of dubious origin and always have a good antivirus.

There are other tips for safe surfing on the Internet, some are more obvious than others, but it never hurts to remember them and make us aware of not reproducing them.

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