Elon Musk is caught with a secondary Twitter account

elon musk

Elon Musk’s tweets are usually very particular, having gotten into more than one problem with one of them. They also have the power to change the market at will, since it is a very influential person. Now that he owns Twitter, Musk finds himself on everyone’s lips, for better or worse. However, in this article we have come to talk about some of his tweets from an alleged secondary account that Musk himself would have leaked recently.

The CEO of Twitter and Tesla sent a tweet last night on April 24 reminding content creators that they have the possibility of enabling subscriptions so that any user can financially support their favorite influencers. In that tweet also appeared a screenshot of the tycoon’s own phone in which the main Twitter menu can be seen. However, it can also be seen that Musk has a secondary account and the Internet has not taken too long to uncover it.

An account loaded with bizarre tweets

Although Musk has not yet offered official details about it, several sources assure that the account is about ‘Elon Test’ (@ErmnMusk) on Twitter. Apparently 4Chan would have been one of the first websites to reveal this information. To do this, the reverse engineering image search tool TinEye was used, thus discovering the aforementioned account. According to the tool, everything indicates that the profile image would not have been used anywhere else, so the clues seem clear.

The account was created in November, just weeks after Musk took over Twitter. In fact, the first “like” of this account is from a tweet from Elon Musk’s main account, the one that referenced his commitment to the elimination of Twitter bots in the form of emojis. Of course, the account has no waste.

In just a few hours the account has already accumulated more than 22,800 followers from the moment we wrote the article. However, what is special about this are his tweets, since everything indicates that Musk would be imitating his son X Æ A-12. His last tweet from him, from a few hours ago, says: “I will finally turn three on May 4.” Although the account has been posting very bizarre responses over the past few months, including responses to Musk’s own tweets.

The account has sent responses on topics related to Tesla, cryptocurrency, and the like. However, there is also room for off-key tweets, such as those in which he writes ‘Do you like Japanese girls?’, responding to MicroStrategy president and Bitcoin promoter Michael Saylor, or ‘I like librarians’, referring to Caroline Ellison, former director of Alameda Research and former partner of Sam Bankman-Fried.

As we have mentioned before, the account has not yet been confirmed by Elon Musk, although all the clues indicate that it could indeed be a secondary account. We will have to wait to see if he finally admits to having been behind said account.

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