A 2021 MacBook Air also in colors: Prosser says we will see portable Mac following in the wake of the iBook

The thing is about colors. After Apple introduced the new 2021 iMac bathed in seven different colors, the company seems to have taken a liking to it. And now he plans, according to Jon Prosser, to create a colored MacBook Air to match the new desktop. A colorful bet to make the teams on the block stand out.

A seven-color MacBook Air?

Prosser recently published a video in which he talks about the colors of the new MacBook Air that is expected in 2021. The youtuber claims to have received a message from the same source that told him that the iMac would come in many colors. Attached to it is a slide showing various older Mac models.

Whoever is behind the message claims that the colors will be for the average consumer, leaving out the so-called “pro”. The source appears to have seen a blue MacBook prototype that looked “unbelievably good.” If you look at your message, it does not specify which MacBook model it refers to.

Prosser interprets it as a reference to the MacBook Air, the default model for the average user. But the truth is that the 12-inch MacBook was already called that and was discontinued in 2019. Many of us thought that this would be the first portable model with Apple Silicon, which did not happen.

In any case, the word MacBook is used to refer to the entire family of portable Mac. So if the font is correct, we should see more colors in addition to the current ones.

Three to seven colors on MacBook Airs

MacBook air, imac 2021
MacBook air

Prosser comments in his video that the source of this information attached a pixelated slide. The same that Steve Jobs used when publicizing Apple’s strategy on personal computers. It showed the following:

In it we see two columns, the first with computers for consumers and the second for professionals. There are also two rows, for desktop and laptop, respectively. If we look at the first column, we will see the iMac in colors and the iBook, also in colors.

If the new iMac 2021 pays tribute to those of that original iBac with its colors, we still need to see the same with the MacBook. The iBook was launched in five colors: orange, turquoise, blue, black, and green. Currently, the MacBook Air is sold in silver, space gray and gold, while the MacBook Pro only in the first two colors.

MacBook Air 2021, imac 2021

Prosser says we’ll see something similar on a MacBook Air, and it makes perfect sense. We will have to wait and see if Apple decides to also add a portable Mac in silver, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. And see if those colors are also accompanied by two shades for the chassis and the front, with a white frame.

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