How to delete Instagram account permanently (or temporarily)

If you are tired of using Instagram and want to delete Instagram account or deactivate temporarily then it is easy to achieve this. Do you need a break and start living a little more in the real world? If you have answered affirmatively, what you need is to delete an Instagram account permanently, or temporarily, you decide and we and we will tell you how to do it.

As we have already seen with Facebook, deleting an Instagram account forever in 2017 is not an easy process, not because you have to be a computer genius to do so, rather because of the many obstacles that the photography social network tries to put on our way so that we do not abandon their ranks.

Although in many places, in a more than interested way, they comment that it is not possible to delete an Instagram account forever, that is not real since not only is it possible to delete Instagram account, but you will also have two options to do it : temporarily or permanently.

Before delete Instagram account, download all your photos and videos

The first step before leaving any place is to collect and take what is yours, so if you want to delete Instagram account forever, we recommend you download all your Instagram photos and videos that you have in your account, just as you we have in the following video:

Deactivate Instagram account temporarily

If you do not have them all with you, it is better that before taking the final step you try with a temporary deactivation only, in this case your profile will be hidden, you will not be able to publish anything and nobody will be able to see what you have published up to this moment. Of course, you must take into account that in account you re-enter your Instagram profile the amount will be active again and the profile will be public again.

  • The first step to temporarily deactivate an Instagram account is to enter the Instagram page from your computer’s browser and enter your access credentials: username and password.
delete instagram account temprarily
  • Press “Enter” to access your wall of publications, and click on your username located in the upper right part of the screen to access its configuration.
  • Once inside your profile, click on “Edit profile“, that is where you will find the option that will allow you to delete or delete your Instagram account.
  • In the next window you will find several configuration options: name, email, biography etc. Although what interests you is in the lower right, right where it says “Temporarily deactivate my account.
delete instagram account temporarily

Click on the link and you will access a new window in which Instagram forces you to give a reason why you want to leave its social network. Display the list and select the one that you consider most convenient to explain your abandonment, and why you want to delete your Instagram account.

Keep in mind that the moment you log in again with your credentials i.e. password, either through the web or mobile applications, the account will be active again, keeping the images, likes and followers. But is this what you were looking for?

How to delete my Instagram account permanently

If you are completely determined and want to leave Instagram forever, your time has come. We warn you that the photography social network does not make it easy, or at least we have not been able to find the direct way between the account configuration options.

To be able to delete an Instagram account forever we have had to resort to the help of Instagram in which the magical link is indicated to permanently delete an Instagram account, hallelujah!

Once you click on the link, the process is similar to that seen above, with the only exception that this time the button is a brand new “Delete my account permanently”.

Well, now that you know how to erase or delete your Instagram in 2017 forever , what are you planning to do with all the free time you have left?

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