Leonardo.AI Gets Supercharged: AI Art Platform Now Animates, Integrates with Apps

We are talking about a platform that competes with Midjourney and DALL-E, among others, to create images from text, but now they have published an update that expands its borders, training in video creation and the hyperrealism of photos.

From image animation to effortless integration with applications, each update opens up a range of possibilities for creatives and developers. Here I give you the summary:

Transform static moments into dynamic narratives with Motion : The ability to animate personal images is a powerful storytelling tool. Imagine transforming a family photo into a 4-second animated memory or bringing your drawings to life. This functionality is especially useful for marketers and content creators looking to gain attention on social media. It’s true that Runway has been doing it for months, and that Sora promises to revolutionize the topic, but one more option doesn’t hurt.

Explore new creative horizons with Elements : Elements is Leonardo.Ai’s custom implementation of Low-Rank Adaptation (LoRA) models, offering a highly efficient and resource-friendly approach to nuanced image generation. It allows precise and detailed control over the style and visual outcome of generated images by simply adding dynamic modifiers.

With Elements, users can seamlessly combine various model styles to produce unique results that perfectly align with their creative vision.

The addition of Cybertech and other new elements leads me to think about the endless possibilities for digital designers and artists. These elements allow you to experiment with futuristic aesthetics and add a unique touch to visual projects, ideal for those looking to differentiate their work in the competitive world of design.

Screenshot of what Leonardo AI is like

Leonardo AI

Capture realism with Photoreal V2 : The update to Photoreal V2, accompanied by KinoXL, significantly improves the quality and realism of the images generated. This tool is invaluable for photographers and visual artists who require hyper-realistic representations for their projects, as well as for professionals in the field of advertising who seek high-quality images for their campaigns.

Expand your creative horizons with Canvas Editor : The integration of SDXL models in all editor modes offers unprecedented flexibility. From text-to-image conversion to sketch-based editing, this update is crucial for artists and designers looking for a versatile tool to suit various creative needs.

Seamless integration with Pabbly Connect : The ability to integrate Leonardo.Ai with over 1,500 applications opens a world of efficiency for developers and advanced users. This functionality facilitates complex workflows, allowing creativity to flow without technical obstacles.

Unleash creativity in real-time with the Real-time Canvas API : Offering Real-time Canvas functionality through an API is a big step forward for developers who want to customize and automate creative processes in their own applications. This democratizes access to advanced tools, allowing deeper and more personalized integration into digital projects.

As you see, he doesn’t give up. Leonardo is working hard to break into the ranking of the greats, and he is achieving it.

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