How to test chatGPT or other artificial intelligence accuracy

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Many use ChatGPT and company to obtain information or process data, but on few occasions we use it to check if there is indeed some “intelligence” behind it.

Below is a list of classified prompts so that you can try them on ChatGPT, Bard, Claude or any other Artificial Intelligence system that calls itself intelligent.

Logic and Mathematics

  • Solve this riddle: If a plane crashes on the US-Canada border, where are the survivors buried?
  • Explain the following logical reasoning: If all dogs bark and Fido is a dog, then Fido barks.
  • What is the next number in this sequence: 2, 4, 8, 16, _?
  • If on a clock the hour and minute coincide exactly at 12:00 PM, when will they coincide exactly again?
  • You have three boxes, one contains apples, another contains oranges, and the last contains both apples and oranges. Every box is incorrectly labeled. How can you relabel the boxes correctly by selecting only one fruit from a box?


  • Cold is to hot as dark is to _____.
  • Pen is to writer as brush is to _____.
  • Fear is to brave as love is to _____.
  • A car is to a road as a boat is to a _____.
  • Cell is to organism as brick is to _____.

Text Interpretation

  • What is the main idea of ​​the following sentence? “Despite the difficulties, perseverance and teamwork led to the success of the project.”
  • What is the tone of the following statement? “I am absolutely delighted with the results of this experiment.”
  • What is the relationship between the words “fast” and “fast”?
  • What rhetorical figure is used in this sentence? “The sky cried tears of rain.”
  • Identify the passive voice sentence: “The dog chased the cat” or “The cat was chased by the dog.”


  • If you have two strings that take exactly one hour to burn completely, but at different speeds, how can you measure exactly 45 minutes using the strings?
  • If you have a 3x3x3 cube, how many smaller cubes are there in all?
  • In one room there are three switches and a light bulb in another room. You can’t see the bulb from where the switches are. How can you determine which switch turns on the light bulb with just one trip to the room with the light bulb?
  • What is the fastest strategy to find a word in a dictionary?
  • You have a box of matches and you need to cross a river full of crocodiles. How can you cross the river safely?

Creative thinking

  • How could you use a paper clip to open a bottle of wine?
  • Imagine a creative solution to prevent birds from perching on a building.
  • How do you open a can of soda without using your hands?
  • Design a method to teach someone to tie their shoelaces more quickly and efficiently.
  • How could you use a wooden spoon to improve the Wi-Fi signal in your home?
  • What other functions could an umbrella have besides protecting you from the rain?
  • Propose a creative way to recycle old tires.
  • How could you use a broken wristwatch in a useful and creative way?

Abstract reasoning

  • What do an airplane, a bird, and a butterfly have in common?
  • What is the relationship between music and mathematics?
  • What do memory and imagination have in common?
  • Explain how the concept of gravity applies both in space and on Earth.
  • What is the relationship between privacy and freedom?

Moral and Ethical Reasoning

  • What would be an ethical solution to solve a problem of water scarcity in a region?
  • Is it always wrong to lie? Explain your reasoning.
  • Is it more important to protect free speech or prevent hate speech? Because?
  • Is it ethical to use animals in scientific experiments? Why or why not?
  • When is it acceptable to break a promise? Provide an example.

Deductive reasoning

  • If all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares, what can be deduced about a square?
  • If all the students in a class passed math and only one student failed chemistry, what can we infer about the class’s results in both subjects?
  • If a cat is sleeping and all cats sleep with their eyes closed, what can be deduced about the cat?
  • If in a restaurant all the waiters wear white shirts and one employee wears a white shirt, what can be inferred about that employee?
  • If a train can only travel east or west and the train is not going east, which way is the train going?

inductive reasoning

  • If every day you’ve watched the sunrise, the sun rises in the east, why would you expect the sun to rise in the east tomorrow as well?
  • If three of your friends have a dog and all of their dogs enjoy playing fetch, what could you assume about dogs in general?
  • If you always carry an umbrella when it rains and stay dry, what could you infer about carrying an umbrella when it rains?
  • If at every party you’ve attended, the music is very loud, what could you expect at the next party you go to?
  • If you liked all the books you’ve read by a specific author, what could you assume about other books by the same author?

Reasoning by Analogy

  • If a battery is to a mobile phone what gasoline is to a car, what function does the battery serve?
  • If a bee collects nectar from flowers to make honey, what relationship could you establish between a farmer and his crops?
  • If the Earth is to the atmosphere what a nucleus is to a cell, what relationship do the Earth and the atmosphere have to each other?
  • If a conductor is to a symphony what a coach is to a sports team, what is the role of the conductor?
  • If the treble clef is to musical notation what the alphabet is to writing, what function does the treble clef have?

Spatial Reasoning

  • If a figure is symmetric about the vertical axis and is reflected in a horizontal mirror, what would the reflected figure look like?
  • Imagine that you are in the center of a perfect square and you are looking towards a corner. At what angle are the opposite corners to your position?
  • If you have a cube and you cut it in two along a diagonal, how many sides will the two resulting pieces have?
  • If you have a pyramid with a square base and you add a cube to each vertex, how many faces would the resulting figure have?
  • Imagine that you rotate a clock 90 degrees counterclockwise. What would be the position of the hands if before it was 3:00?

Temporary Reasoning

  • If an egg takes 5 minutes to cook and water takes 3 minutes to boil, how long will it take to have a boiled egg from the time you turn on the stove?
  • If a task takes 30 minutes to complete and you complete it in three equal stages, how long does each stage take?
  • If a movie is 2 hours and 15 minutes long and starts at 7:30 PM, what time will the movie end?
  • How many days pass between January 1 and March 1 in a non-leap year?
  • If a banana ripens every 4 days and you buy 4 bananas at different stages of ripeness, how could you organize your consumption to have one ripe banana every day?

Cause and Effect Reasoning

  • What effect would massive deforestation have on the global climate?
  • If the demand for a product increases but its supply remains constant, what will happen to the price?
  • What would be the result of a drastic decrease in public education funding?
  • How would raising the minimum wage affect employment and the cost of living?
  • What consequences could the excessive use of antibiotics have on human health and the environment?

practical reasoning

  • If you have a roof leak, what would be a temporary solution until you can hire a professional to fix it?
  • How could you decide which movie to watch if you and your friends can’t agree?
  • What could you do to avoid falling asleep if you need to study for an important test?
  • If you have to move to a new city for work, what factors would you consider when looking for a place to live?
  • If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t pay all your bills, how would you prioritize which ones to pay first?

Critical thinking

  • Why is it important to question the information found on the Internet?
  • What are some techniques you could use to identify fake news or misinformation?
  • Why is it essential to consider multiple points of view before making a decision?
  • What are some cognitive biases that could affect your ability to make objective decisions?
  • Why is it important to evaluate information sources before trusting them?

Emotional Reasoning

  • How would you handle a situation where a friend is mad at you, but you don’t understand why?
  • What strategies could you use to manage stress and anxiety before an important event?
  • How could you support a loved one who is going through a difficult time?
  • If someone hurt you, how could you communicate your feelings effectively without being confrontational?
  • What could you do to improve your emotional intelligence and empathy towards others?

social reasoning

  • How might you address a conflict between two co-workers that affects team productivity?
  • What are some cultural considerations that you might take into account when interacting with people from different countries?
  • How might you resolve a disagreement with a neighbor about joint ownership?
  • If you notice that a friend is becoming socially withdrawn, how might you address the issue and provide support?
  • What are some ways to adjust to social norms and expected behaviors in a new environment?

Philosophical Reasoning

  • What is the role of suffering in human life and how can we learn from it?
  • Can truth be subjective? Explain your reasoning.
  • What is the importance of individual freedom in a society and how is it balanced with the common good?
  • What is the relationship between consciousness and reality?
  • What does it mean to live a full life and how can we achieve it?

Reasoning in What-If Scenarios

  • If you could travel back in time, what period in history would you visit and why?
  • If you had the opportunity to talk to any historical figure, who would you choose and what would you ask?
  • If you were the leader of a country and you had to make a decision that benefited the majority but hurt a minority, how would you approach this situation?
  • If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and how would you use it for the good of humanity?
  • Imagine that Earth is no longer habitable and you have to establish a colony on another planet. What resources and skills would you consider essential to ensure the survival and prosperity of the colony?

Reasoning in Ambiguous Situations

  • If you find a bag on the street with money and identification, but there is no way to contact the owner, what would you do?
  • If you’re in a work group and a member isn’t contributing but seems to be having personal problems, how would you address the situation without being insensitive or sacrificing the progress of the group?

These 100 prompts will allow you to test the reasoning ability of ChatGPT and company in various categories and situations, enjoy them.

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