Japan government approved funds on an AI to increase the birth rate

The Japan government has passed the budget for AI to increase the birth rate of the country. The Japanese government is requesting the approval of a budget of two billion yen (about 15 million euros) to promote an artificial intelligence dating program, with a view that it can be operational in spring 2021.

The project is based on a database in which users complete the classic sections of preferences for appointments, so that later an artificial intelligence is able to match them , seeking the maximum compatibility between candidates.

The AI: the new cupid to increase birth rate in Japan

The Japanese government wants to boost the birth rate in Japan. According to statistics, the number of marriages is declining , which is why several Japanese territories have matching services administered by the government itself. Similarly, the high rate of deaths relative to births is a major demographic problem. That is why it is intended to increase the number of marriages and where the current services fail to succeed, artificial intelligence is considered the most effective alternative.

Japan birth rate method

The government wants to make available to the prefectures an AI system that is based on a large database that collects the preferences of users, in order to make the matches

In a database, the data of the users are collected, which answer questions about their political points of view, vital objectives, tastes and others, in order to develop different profiles. The AI is in charge of matching these profiles, based on the matches between users. Beyond knowing that it is a system that tries to find matches to match users, there are no more details about this AI.

This solution is proposed as a method to face the demographic crisis in Japan, caused by the aforementioned falling marriages and an unusually aging population, among other factors. It remains to be seen what happens in the spring of 2021, when this matchmaking system is expected to start working.

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