iPhone with iOS 15 is now impossible for you to lose, even if it is turned off

iPhone with iOS 15 can not be stolen even if is switched off. Many were the novelties that were presented yesterday at WWDC, but one is especially useful for iPhone users.

Yesterday began the great Apple event and it was the first day of WWDC, the conference for developers in which they present a large part of the company’s upcoming releases. The inauguration did not bring any hardware news, but it did bring important news, such as the announcement of iOS 15 for iPhone.

There have been many news that we have told you about iOS 15, but one begins to stand out as very interesting: the update of Find My, the application to find the iPhone when it is lost. This tool is well known and you may think that little else can be added, but this has been the case by adding the possibility of using it even if the iPhone is turned off.

According to the information published by Engadget, with the update you will be able to find your iPhone in case it is stolen, in almost any situation, although at the moment it has not been completely clarified how the novelty that will be implemented in iOS 15 works.

iPhone with iOS 15

It does not matter if your mobile is turned off or it has been factory restored, it will always be possible to locate your iPhone with iOS 15 if you activate the function that it will implement and that will only have the option to disable whoever has done it, we imagine that through a password.

It is assumed that part of the novelty will be that the iPhone will never turn off completely, there will always be some energy that will be used in a low consumption mode that will host part of the technology used in another  recent device, the Apple AirTags whose function is very similar to serving to never lose anything.

The update of the application to find the iPhone is a very interesting novelty that will also be  useful in order to discourage the theft of these devices. If everything works as it has been moved at the moment, it would discourage any attempted theft by always marking the iPhone as the property of a person and staying located at all times.

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