IP Logger: A privacy threat lurking in plain sight

  • Don’t open suspicious links in messaging apps, otherwise someone might know your location. 
  • IP Logger has an option that allows you to record the GPS location of the person who opens the shortened link. 

Internet security and privacy are crucial issues today, as cybercriminals are constantly coming up with ingenious ways to steal user data. To do this, they have created techniques with which they manage to commit their crimes and even take advantage of the vulnerability of certain services

One of the most common methods is to use links to find out the exact location of the victims. In the end, this may seem like a harmless thing, but it is actually a serious privacy risk.

IP Logger, the tool that records your location

IP Logger is a platform that allows you to shorten links and obtain additional information about the people who visit them. Although it may seem like a useful tool, it also has a somewhat dark side

With this service, cybercriminals can track the exact location of any user who clicks on the shortened link, which is a serious privacy vulnerability. This can be used for malicious purposes by people with bad intentions. 

The way IP Logger works is as clever as it is disturbing. It should be noted that no advanced technical skills are required; Anyone can use the tool with a simple process. 

You just have to paste the address of an image you want to share and shorten the URL, but here’s an important detail: if you activate the Collect GPS data option, the link becomes a trap. 

When the person receiving the image with the URL opens it, they are unknowingly providing their exact location. Although some devices may ask for permissions before sharing location, this method is very dangerous. 

Although the shortened link by IP Logger may raise suspicions, it has another trick, it also allows you to modify the URL to mislead users, adding file extensions and making it more difficult for its true purpose to be discovered. 

What can you do to protect yourself?

To prevent your privacy from being compromised, we recommend that you do not open suspicious links, which may contain hidden IP Loggers that are activated when you click on them. We also recommend that you adjust the privacy of your device to prevent websites and applications from accessing your location. 

Finally, we suggest that you use protection software, such as a good antivirus or security program, that can detect and block all types of malware that want to access your data.

In this sense, do not open strange links in instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, otherwise someone could know the exact location of your home.

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