The definitive end of Internet Explorer: Microsoft will retire the browser in 2022

The end of an era. Next June 2022, after more than 25 years, Internet Explorer will come to an end. Microsoft has announced that they will withdraw browser support in favor of Microsoft Edge. “The future of Internet Explorer in Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge”, has indicated a person in charge of the company.

As indicated in the official blog, Internet Explorer 11 for desktop will no longer be supported on June 15, 2022 and will be withdrawn.

Goodbye to the consumer version of internet explorer

Everything must be said, this withdrawal will not be for everyone but it will be for the majority of consumer users and versions of Windows 10 aimed at consumers. Microsoft will keep Internet Explorer on Windows 10’s Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) for example. This is done to continue offering support to companies that depend directly on the browser to carry out their operations.

Microsoft Explorer Timeline
Microsoft Explorer Timeline

What will Internet Explorer users be able to do? The few that remain will be able to use Microsoft Edge instead. Microsoft Edge includes for some years an “IE mode” that allows ActiveX controls and support for pages that are still based on Internet Explorer standards. Microsoft is committed to supporting this mode until at least 2029.

Over the past few months, Microsoft has repeatedly announced the end of Internet Explorer support gradually. No support in Microsoft Teams and no support in Microsoft 365 shortly. It also redirects to Microsoft Edge when opening some web pages.

Microsoft Edge, Internet explorer
Microsoft Edge

Since Microsoft Edge appeared in 2015, the company has done its best to promote its use to users as opposed to Internet Explorer. The great advantage of Microsoft Edge is that it is a browser that is based on Chromium, so it is much more adapted to current Internet standards.

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