Chrome for Android added downloads features

Google is already testing a download programmer in Chrome accompanied by a new advanced menu, with which you can choose the date and time to download your files, save preferences and thus avoid momentary slowness.

Work does not stop at the Google factory, which with Android 11 already in the oven and finalizing its cooking also strives to continue with the continuous improvement of its main applications and services both on Android and on the web, showing us interesting news such as this which is about to hit Google Chrome. Google chrome for Android added downloads features that help user experience.

We were anticipated by xda-developers with some screenshots, so we can already confirm that Chrome , probably the most popular Internet browser globally, will soon receive a download scheduler so you can configure when and how you want to download your files without penalize the instant bandwidth you have.
In fact, it is one of the most useful features that Google has presented to us in recent times, allowing us to download any file from the web at a specific date and time fully customizable, directly from the download dialog box that is automatically opens when clicking on the link of a file.

To date, the download menu only allowed us to choose the final location of the files and if we wanted to download them only with WiFi connectivity, although the latest Chrome Canary already enables the experimental option of “Activate download later” in the “chrome: // flags ” , where all the functions are usually found in browser tests.
Activating this option will enable a much more complete download menu , where you can choose whether you want to download the file at that moment or schedule it for any day and time, the next time you connect to a WiFi network or save your preferences for the next times you don’t need to schedule the downloads. This makes it possible to maintain all your bandwidth at that moment , and download the file at a time when you are not using your device to avoid slowness and have it ready when you need it.

The Chrome download page is also updated by activating this still experimental option, showing a section of scheduled downloads for later , being able to manage them to cancel them if we no longer need that file.

As always it is a bit unknown when this option will arrive to the stable versions of the Google Chrome browser, in fact, we do not even know if it will finally arrive as it happens with all the novelties that are tested in the development versions of Google services.

It’s not the only cool thing we’ve seen in Chrome, like native biometric authentication for web payments , the 64-bit engine for Android 10, the screenshot editor, or low-resolution video streaming when running in ‘ mode ‘. Lite ‘ . We will see if all these ideas come together, and we will be attentive to teach you how they work the moment Google publishes them in stable versions.

The new advanced download menu is now available in Chrome Canary and can be activated between the usual ‘flags’, being able to download any file at the date and time you want, avoiding inconvenience and momentary slowness

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