IOS 14.7 is officially released,can fix WI-FI special character vulnerability

When everyone eyes are open for iOS15,Apple isn’t done updating iOS14.

Apple yesterday released the fifth beta version of iOS14.7, the version number is 18G5063a,along with it Apple has realease Betas of the associated operating systems—iPadOS 14.7, tvOS 14.7, and watchOS 7.6.

iOS 14.7 realease
iOS 14.7

After the release of several beta versions of iOS14.7, there is no obvious improvement in performance or functionality today.

In iOS 14.7 Beta5, Apple basically fixed the problem of WiFi hangs when connecting to a WiFi SSID with a special name. Security researcher Karl Skow has previously discovered that as long as the WLAN SSID contains the characters “%s” and “%p”, they will be treated as system variables or iOS commands instead of plain text, causing the device to crash.

Associated with Wi-Fi connections SSID. It works normally. The currently known solutions can only restore network settings or clear all data to restore normal use.

Here are all of the new beta releases from Apple today:

Big Sur 11.5 beta 5iOS 14.7 beta 5 (18G5063a)iPadOS 14.7 beta 5 (18G5063a)watchOS 7.6 beta 5 (18U5561a)tvOS 14.7 beta 5 (18M5559a)

Our team will comeback with details news,please stay connected and you can check out 5 mind-blowing features of iOS 14.5.

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