5 iOS 14.5 new features that might blow your mind

iOS 14.5 is now available to all users with a series of interesting news. IOS 14.5 new features have been added that users were waiting for.

While most of the new features have been known for a long time, now we can put the dynamics proposed by Apple to the test with this update. Following are the 5 iOS 14.5 new features that are more wished by iOS lovers.

Unlocking iPhone even with mask on

Starting with this update, iPhone users with Face ID will be able to unlock their mobile even when they are wearing masks. Although it will not be a solution for everyone, since it will be necessary to have an Apple Watch.

Through this dynamic it will be possible to unlock the mobile without entering the code. Of course, as long as the Apple Watch is not far away. To use this new feature, just go to Settings >> Face ID and passcode >> Unlock with Apple Watch.

App tracking control

This is one of the functions that has stolen several titles in recent months, since with App Tracking Transparency, Apple forces apps to ask for permission when they want to use user data.

You will find this in Settings >> Privacy >> Tracking >> Allow apps to request to track you. In this section, you will also see all the apps to which you have granted permissions, so you can revoke them at any time.

Choose the default music service

iOS 14.5 new features
iOS 14.5

Another option that is added with iOS 14.5 is the ability to choose the default music service. So you won’t have to continually deal with the same steps when you want to use a different player than Apple Music.

Now you can choose any music service and set it as the default. So when you want to play music, Siri will automatically use the chosen service.

New emojis and voices for Siri

And of course, an update with new emojis could not be missing.You will find, for example, different skin tones and new characters representing different situations.

And as a bonus, you will find new voices for Siri. When you configure the voice assistant you will be able to choose some of the existing voices or one of the new options.

New modalities for podcasts

Beyond the redesign, creators will find three different modalities for their podcasts. They will be able to use the free, freemium or premium, depending on the strategy they want to implement with their audiences.

On the other hand, other new features are the compatibility with AirTag, the tracking device, support is added for the PS5 and Xbox Series X controls, among other new options. If you have a compatible iPhone, and you want to know if you already have iOS 14.5 available, go to Settings >> General >> Software update.

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