IFTTT can now help us automatic calls in zoom

IFTTT is one of those wonders on the Internet that allows us to create automatic actions in dozens of services. We can turn on the lights at home every time someone sends a twitter with a specific hashtag to post photos on Facebook when it is raining.

The fact is that every time a new compatible service appears, it makes us salivate thinking about the possibilities. If they are integrated with Phillips bulbs, the world of home automation opens, if they are integrated with social networks, it allows the publication of topics disclosed in other media… now it is Zoom’s turn.

This integration allows us to automate some actions related to Zoom. By accessing IFTT and selecting the new service, we already see integrations made by other users, such as those that pause Spotify or change the colors of the Hue bulb when a meeting starts.

This can help others in the same room know that a meeting is starting without having to shout the call. If the music stops and the lights go from white to blue, for example, something has started.

IFTTT automate zoom calls

You can also keep track of all our Zoom meetings in a spreadsheet, receive notifications before a call begins, or create other integrations with other services.

The free version allows the creation of 3 applets, sufficient for most needs.

To customize an action we only have to indicate what we want to happen in any compatible service when a new meeting starts, ends or is created. Zoom can be used as a trigger (when a meeting starts, ends or is created) and as an action (start a meeting).

You can see all the possibilities at ifttt.com/zoom

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