Internet of Everything + new UI design OPPO ColorOS 12 announced: see you in mid-to-late September

Today, ColorOS official Weibo announced that ColorOS 12 will be released in mid-to-late September.  

According to the information, OPPO ColorOS 12 focuses on the Internet of Everything. The new system will break the barriers between mobile phones, tablets and smart watches, achieve cross-device collaboration and improve efficiency.  

Not only that, there have been reports that the UI design of the OPPO ColorOS 12

operating system has undergone major changes , which is also worth looking forward to.

According to data, OPPO released the ColorOS 11 operating system in September 2020, and the new version of the system was released after the official version of Android 11 was pushed.  

From this speculation, the ColorOS 12 operating system may also be released after the official version of Android 12, and the new version of ColorOS may be based on Android 12 in depth.  

The ColorOS 11 created by OPPO last year is impressive in terms of fluency. It is equipped with an anti-stuck engine, starting from four aspects of resource scheduling, resource mining, resource anti-aging and abnormal optimization, bringing more intelligent underlying technologies to improve System resource utilization, response speed and frame rate stability.

And use the phone’s free time to automatically clean up the system garbage, defragment and defragment the disk, the phone is still smooth for a long time.  

Not surprisingly, the characteristics of long-lasting smoothness and stability will also be retained on ColorOS 12, and we will officially meet with users in mid-to-late September.

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