Dropbox new features added to iOS and macOS

After being in beta since June, Dropbox today released a number of new features on iOS and macOS. With them, the service is increasingly moving away from being a simple folder in the cloud to becoming an ecosystem compatible with Apple and the rest of the major platforms. Dropbox new features added to iOS and macOS; folder codes, backup and password manager.

The first is a password manager , very similar to the one we already have in other solutions such as 1Password or the iCloud keychain itself. In addition to saving the passwords for our applications, websites and services, it is also capable of proposing complicated passwords when we register somewhere.

Code folders and cloud backups

As Dropbox new features added to iOS and macOS, we also have something I would love to have on iCloud Drive: a PIN-protected folder called Vault . With it, users will have a dedicated place to store sensitive data without sacrificing the convenience of the cloud, although it will not integrate with desktop operating systems precisely to ensure the privacy of its content.

Dropbox new features
Dropbox new features

Finally we have a backup utility , a kind of Time Machine in which we can select some of the folders on our Mac to save a backup copy of them in the cloud, without having to depend on external drives. While the latter feature is available to all users, the password manager and secure folder are reserved for Dropbox Plus subscribers ( € 119.88 per year ).

The price may seem high, but it starts to get interesting when we consider all these new services and Dropbox Paper for workgroups. Maybe you can lower subscription prices thanks to this.

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