How can you transfer PS5 games to an external hard drive

After the latest update, you can transfer PS5 games to an external storage drive. However, this update does not solve all the problems. For example, these titles will not be playable from the external HDD, but will need to be stored on the internal SSD. In this article, we will learn how to transfer PS5 games to an external hard drive, as well as make some important clarifications that must be taken into account.

When Play Station 5 was released, users were somewhat disappointed. And is that the storage capacity of the new SONY console had certain limitations, being even less than PS4. This is a problem, as our library of PS5 games was so far scarce. In addition, the compatibility with the titles of its predecessor came to increase this problem. But the latest update of your firmware comes (at least to some extent) to resolve the conflict.

At last, PS5 games could be moved to an external drive via USB. The negative point is that these cannot be executed from here and they need the internal SSD to boot. So, to play, we must transfer them from the external disk of the console (there is no other option if we want to have a large library of games). But don’t worry, we can take them back to the external disk and move them as many times as we want. Thus, the storage capacity of our machine will not be so compromised.

Actually, in the absence of a solution that Sony is already looking for, the new patch will mainly serve to store PS4 games on the HDD (we are still waiting for big releases). In this case, they can be executed from here without having to store them in the console.

External hard drive requirements

The first thing you should know is that any external hard drive is not compatible to transfer games from the PS5. Sony has established a number of requirements.

As detailed by the company, a 5Gbps or later SuperSpeed ​​USB drive will be required. It must also have a minimum of 250 gigs of capacity, and a maximum of 8 teras. They also do not guarantee that all devices will work with the PS5 console. Even though you can connect multiple USB Expanded Storage drives, only one can be used, never two at a time.

Formatting the HDD

If you already have an external drive that you used as an expanded storage drive on PS4, Sony explains that it will only need to be connected to the PS5. From here, you can access all the games on the Play Station 4. But the new update may not recognize the format. The same is true if you have purchased a new disc. The console will not recognize it. That is why you will need to format your HDD.

To do this, you must first connect your disk to one of the USB ports on the back of the PS5. With your user active, go to the console settings, then select the Storage option. Now choose USB Extended Storage and then format as exFAT.

In the case of PS4 it differs a bit. The process begins by selecting Settings. Then we go to Devices. After going to the section where the external HDD is located, we select format as extended storage.

Now, your external hard drive is ready to store PS5 games. Another recommended option (since the PS5 titles are still few), is to store all the PS4 games on your HDD, and reserve the internal SSD for the PS5 ones. Thus, at least as long as you buy more games, you will save yourself having to transfer them to your new console every time you want to play.

Move games from PS5 to external drive

Transfer ps5 games to external hard drive
PS5 games

Once you’ve downloaded a game to your console, you can seamlessly transfer it to your brand-new external hard drive. The process is very simple, and it is a highly recommended utility if you are going to continue downloading more games.

To move a game from the console to the HDD, in the same way as when formatting the disk, we must connect it to one of the USB ports on the back of the console, specifically the blue ones.

Then we will go to the Games Library and select the game in question. We give options and choose between Transfer to USB extended storage / Transfer to console storage (in the case of PS4 games) or copy (in the case of PS5 games).

For the opposite process, that is, transferring PS5 games stored on the external disk to the console, we also have to access the games library. Once here, we go to the options menu and choose to copy to the console’s storage. We influence once more. This process is necessary to run PS5 games as it cannot be done from external hard drive. On the other hand, when we want to play a PS4 game, we can do it from the HDD storage.

Copying PS5 games is faster than downloading them again. It is also a faster and preferable option than reinstalling them from disk if the game is on USB expanded storage.

Download the games directly to the HDD

Another interesting option, beyond transferring the games between the console and the disk, is to download them directly to our external HDD. This can be done with the PS4 games that we want to play on PS5.

For this we must go to the settings of our console. Then we choose Storage – Extended Storage. Now, we just have to activate the Install games for PS4 tab in the extended USB storage. In this way, we will save the process of moving a PS4 game to our external drive.

Delete data from external drive

If you use the external hard drive, you may also need more space to purchase new games. Maybe you have an older title that you already play little or nothing. In this case, you can also delete it from the console’s own configuration.

To do this, go back to the Settings icon on the PS5. From the Storage option, head over to USB Expanded Storage. Now choose Games and applications and then Delete content. Then select the data or games you want to do without and click delete.

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