The first render of the Xiaomi 12 is filtered that shows its possible final appearance

A few days ago we saw how the first renderings of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra appeared. One of the models that we know will arrive with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor that has been presented a few hours ago. And now it’s time to meet his little brother, the Xiaomi 12, thanks again to some renders.There is little left for Xiaomi to announce new phones. The Xiaomi 12 can see the light in a few days and in the absence of official images we already have with us the first renderings that show what the next Xiaomi model may look like to hit the market.

A continuous line

Until now we knew that it will be one of the first to mount the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and to equip the new MIUI 13 customization layer. Now it is time to know what the design may be that the brand is betting on at its launch.

Thanks to several leaks from and always taking them with the prudence that this type of news requires, you can see what the Xiaomi 12 can look like. A model in which the brand is committed to continuous forms in which they are not separated from the design that we saw in models of the Xiamoi 11 family.

Apparently, the photos suggest that it will be a somewhat more compact phone if we compare it with what the Xiaomi 11 offers. A model this Xiaomi 12 in which the brand is committed to an almost traced design but changing some elements of position.

On the front, the brand has improved the occupancy ratio of the screen with respect to the body , by speeding up the arrival of the panel towards the edges. The front camera has been placed in the upper central area very much in the style of other equipment from the Asian firm and the edge has been further stylized.

Xiaomi 12 camera module
Xiaomi 12 camera module

At the rear, the camera module stands out. A system composed of three sensors among which we would have a 50 megapixel main sensor, a camera with an ultra wide angle lens and another with a macro lens.For now, this render is the first image that comes to light offering the supposed design that the Xiaomi 12 will wear. However, we must wait for an official confirmation or the arrival of promotional images to confirm what the final design will be.

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