How to share Chrome Passwords to your family members

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If you save and manage your passwords from the manager integrated into Chrome, you will be interested in knowing the new dynamic that Google is preparing.

A new feature that will allow you to share saved passwords with your family group. We tell you what this new dynamic is about.

Chrome will let you share passwords

One of the functions that Chrome offers is the ability to save our passwords. A dynamic that makes it easier to log in to any web service, without depending on other password managers.

And of course, it synchronizes our passwords, so we can have them available on other devices just by signing in with our Google account. And soon, the Google team could boost this system with a new password sharing feature.

As mentioned in API, Google would be working on an option to share passwords with our family group.

Share passwords with our family group from Chrome

That is, take advantage of Google’s function of creating and managing a family group to provide this extra.

So if you wanted to share the new Netflix password with your kids, you could use this Chrome system. It would only be necessary to go to the Chrome password manager, choose the service with the password you want to share, and select the corresponding option.

Since you already have your family group set up, you wouldn’t need to go through any additional setup to send the password to another family member. On the other hand, if you don’t have any family groups set up with that Google account, then you’ll see an error message in Chrome, and you won’t be able to finish the password sharing process.

The Google team may add more password sharing options in the future, and it’s not just limited to family members. But since the goal is to share passwords securely, this seems like a good start for Chrome.

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