How to recover corrupted MP4 files

Recover corrupted files

There are ways that we can recover corrupted MP4 files that don’t look good. There isn’t much to choose from, but at least there is a solution.

When we have difficulties to see an MP4 file, it may be that the file is badly recorded directly, which means that we cannot do it.

If, instead of that, the video that we have recorded with the phone or with a video camera does not work because it is corrupt or because it gives us an error when playing it, we can always try to fix it.

Often it is simply a matter of installing the correct video codec, but other times such fixing is more complicated because the video file has become corrupt or has been broken for some reason.

There aren’t too many applications that repair corrupted MP4 files, nor do we have any pre-installed on Windows or bundled with most video editing tools.

Right now we can consider three tools to repair those MP4 files not working: VLC Player, Kernel Video Repair Tool and Stellar VideoRepair.

VLC Player is probably the best option to fix a particular corrupted file. Unfortunately both Stellar and Kernel Video Repair come with limitations that require you to purchase the full product.

Repair mp4 files with VLC

Repair corrupted mp4 files with VLC
VLC repair files

VLC Player is an application that is worth many things. Not only is it a great video or audio player, but it can also be used to repair MP4. 

Thanks to VLC we can repair damaged video files by converting them as follows:

  • First, we download VLC Player and install it.
  • Once installed we open it.
  • Let’s go to the Medium menu.
  • We select Convert.
  • We add the corrupted files.
  • Click the Convert/Save button.
  • We choose the profile that matches the file type. We can click on the wrench to customize the settings.
  • We must indicate where we want the resulting file to be downloaded in Destination file, clicking on Explore.
  • When we’re done, click Start.
  • Whether VLC can repair your video file by creating a new version.

Repair damaged video files with Kernel Video

If we have a file that needs to be repaired, Kernel Video Repair Tool is an excellent way to do it.

It is advisable to have the full version so that you can easily fix the corruption of multiple MP4 video files at the same time.

To get started with Kernel Video Repair Tool, all we need to do is download the tool and install it, then:

  • We add the file using the button in the center of your screen.
  • We upload a reference file, if necessary. If a file is really damaged, we must load a file of the same type from the same device to try to repair it.
  • Click on the Repair Files button.
  • We select an output folder, where the resulting file will go.
  • We hope you do your job.

If we opt for the free version of this application, we will only get a preview of the first 30 seconds of the repaired video.

That is why we advised that the paid one be used, since it will leave us full freedom of use. Its cost is 49 dollars, although at the time of writing this article there was an offer, leaving it at only 29 dollars.

Fix corrupted videos with Stellar Repair for Video

When it comes to corrupted video files, Stellar Repair for Video can be a perfect tool to save them.

Stellar Repair for Video is an application that supports more than 17 different video file formats like:

  • MP4
  • MOV,
  • AVI,
  • MKV,
  • AVCHD,
  • MJPEG,
  • WEBM,
  • ASF,
  • WMV,
  • FLV,
  • DIVX,
  • MPEG,
  • MTS,
  • M4V,
  • 3G2,
  • 3GP,
  • F4V

Also, it can recover any kind of video resolution like 4K, 8K, 12K, HG, UHD, Full HD, H.265 and HEVC apart from 360° or VR videos.

Stellar Repair for Video is compatible with Windows and Mac. The price varies depending on the features you want to include, and the version each one needs.

With everything we’ve told you today, you’ll be able to recover those MP4 video files that were corrupted and didn’t work as they should.

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