How to play surfing game in Microsoft Edge

If you are tired of the classic Google Chrome dinosaur game, let me tell you that there is life beyond this surfing game. Microsoft has an interesting alternative to make moments when you are offline much more fun.

One way to make the wait more bearable when your WiFi network has problems is to take advantage of the hidden Surf game offered by the Edge browser. It is a fun pastime that allows you to surf virtual waves while avoiding obstacles and competing with other players.

This is how you can play surfing game in Microsoft Edge

In this game you will have to demonstrate your skill on the surfboard, avoid the obstacles that get in your way and, above all, flee from a huge kraken that wants to catch you. This mini game is much more than just a hobby, it’s a fun way to challenge your reflexes.

Play surfing game in Microsoft Edge
Surfing Game in Edge

SurfEdge has three game modes to choose from, each with their own challenges and rewards. In infinite mode, you will have to surf as far as you can, avoiding obstacles and escaping the creature that stalks the waters.

In time trial mode, the challenge is to collect coins that allow you to reduce time and discover shortcuts, while in slalom mode, you must demonstrate your skill and agility to surf between doors and avoid obstacles that stand in your way.

A notable feature of this game is its compatibility with various input devices. This means that it is not limited to the classic keyboard and mouse, since it also offers support for touch screens and gamepads, so you can play from your mobile without any problem.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you have Internet access or not , you can play it at any time. Just type the edge://surf URL into the address bar on Edge version 83 or higher and you’re ready to have fun. 

Microsoft Edge not only offers you fast and secure browsing, but also a fun and original way to explore the web with SurfEdge, a game that challenges you to surf the virtual waves. Without a doubt, it is an interesting alternative to the dinosaur mini game available in Google Chrome.

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