How to install Copilot on Windows 10 for free

install copilot on Windows 11
  • You will only have to perform this simple action to have Copilot on Windows 10.
  • However, at the moment it is being rolled out gradually so you may still have to wait a few days.

Although it was previously a functionality only aimed at Windows 11, Microsoft backed down, and finally Windows Copilot will also be available to all Windows 10 users.

Until now, if you wanted to use Copilot in Windows 10, you had to be in the Insider program, and then make a series of configurations in the system.

Those difficult times are over, and thanks to the latest optional update for Windows 10, you can have Copilot without having to do anything at all.

Microsoft has announced the availability of a new optional patch for Windows 10 that brings Copilot to the operating system.

How you can install Copilot on Windows 10 now

As this is an optional update, the user must go to Windows Update and click the “check for updates” button.

If you have the optional cumulative update called KB5032278 available, you must install it and you will have Windows Copilot on your Windows 10.

“This update adds the Copilot button in Windows (in preview) to the right side of the taskbar. This only applies to devices running Home or Pro editions (unmanaged commercial devices). When you select it, Copilot in Windows appears on the right of your screen. It will not overlap with desktop content or block open application windows,” explains Microsoft.

However, those from Redmond clarify that this cumulative update for Windows 10 is not yet available to all users, since it is staggered, so it is likely that you will go to Windows Update and not find it.

In any case, you should have it available in the next few days, so you should keep an eye out if you want to have Copilot on your Windows 10.

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