Amazon Q: Amazon’s Answer to the Generative AI Revolution

Amazon Q
  • Amazon enters the fight to gain a foothold in the generative artificial intelligence market, with Amazon Q.
  • Unlike ChatGPT, it is not intended for the general public, but for companies. It will compete with enterprise AIs from Microsoft and Meta.

Amazon Q is a generative artificial intelligence designed to serve as a personal assistant for companies that contract a service from AWS or Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud.

The giant of online commerce and cloud services could not be left behind in the race to dominate artificial intelligence. Amazon Q, its new generative AI, is intended for companies, but nothing prevents it from developing a variant intended for everyone, and competing with ChatGPT.

At the moment, Amazon Q is a personal assistant based on AI, which companies that have an AWS account and use Amazon cloud services can now hire.

This is how Amazon Q works

Amazon Q helps you get quick answers to pressing questions, solve problems, generate content, and take action using data and expertise found in your company’s information repositories, code, and systems.

Amazon Q has access to all business data, including critical data, depending on the permissions we give. It analyzes them, processes them, and evaluates them. It is something common to all AIs of this type, so we must take that into account, depending on the level of privacy of each company.

We can see how Amazon Q creates data summaries, extracts relevant information, answers questions, or tells you what certain programming code is for , and shows you several examples of use.

They can ask you things like which features of an app are causing the most problems for users, or to teach you how to create a web application.

This AI-based personal assistant from Amazon generates drafts of emails or articles, conducts research on topics, or does comparative analysis.

It is also capable of performing complicated tasks , such as calculating losses or expenses if a certain parameter is changed in sales management, creating graphs, or resolving doubts associated with your profession, such as renting a car or asking the bank for a credit card. company name.

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