How to get to the hidden Casino in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario Bros rpg hidden casino

The secret and hidden casino area of ​​Super Mario RPG requires us to overcome a series of mini games and explore the Jewish Valley area a little.

One of the secret areas of Super Mario RPG returns in its remaster with some changes compared to the original, although not so much in the way it is reached. It is still laborious and we will need to advance to the last third of the game’s plot to be able to do it. In this guide I explain how to get to the Bufoncio casino and what activities or games it has for its clients.

How to find and enter Bufoncio’s Casino in Super Mario RPG

SMRPG Casino 2 hidden casino
SMRPG Casino

Bufoncio’s Casino is a secret area of ​​Super Mario RPG in which we can play to get some objects or Frog Coins. However, getting to it requires us to advance through a good part of the game’s main story. Specifically, until the part where we can access Valle Judía.

Once there, we have to reach an area where there are some green piranha plants that are still growing. There is a Shy Guy with wings that is watering them, so don’t attack him . We let the one that is highest of all irrigate and once it has been eliminated we go through the stump as if it were a pipe.

Smrpg casino 3
Smrpg Casino

This takes us to a room with several enemies, but the one we are interested in defeating is the golden chomp chain in the upper left. With her out of play, you have to jump three times at the point indicated below to reveal a yellow block. We climb up it and go to the exit in the upper area that points up to the left.

That will take us back to the map in the game and we will be able to reach the Bufoncio Casino, but the security guards will not let us pass because we are missing an Invitation Card.

SMRPG Casino hidden casino
SMRPG Casino

Where is the Casino invitation card?

We have to return to the Costarugo tower and climb it until we meet Cuchincio. He is juggling three balls; two red and one yellow. He invites us to play a game that consists of knowing which hand the yellow ball is in after juggling it and the other two very quickly.

SMRPG Casino
SMRPG Casino

If we win this mini game 12 times (it doesn’t have to be 12 in a row, we can fail sometimes) it will give us the card that grants us access to the casino. When we return to the casino we can enter and enjoy the mini-games it has inside.

What games are there at the Bufoncio Casino

The casino’s recreational offer is limited to two options that will allow us to win objects or Frog Coins, so it is not unreasonable to go to it if we want to win some or get various objects without having to be fighting with difficult type enemies all the time or spending money in stores.

Slot machine

SMRPG Casino
SMRPG Casino

A classic from the original Mario games (like the Bonus phase of Super Mario Bros 2 ). It consists of talking to the Toad who manages the mini game so that the chest nearby opens and shows three symbols : a mushroom, a flower, and a star. If we get three of a kind by jumping and hitting the chest at the right time, we will win a random item that could be a Frog Coin.

Card Memory Game

Originally, this Toad served as the croupier of a game of Blackjack (21), but in order not to encourage ”gambling and betting”, Nintendo has chosen to turn it into a card memory reminiscent of the one that existed in some levels of Super Mario Bros 3 bonus.

SMRPG Casino
SMRPG Casino

You don’t have to match the Toads, but rather find the unique cards that represent the main characters of the group; The croupier specifies which card to find. We will have a few seconds to memorize where they are and then they will turn around; We have to take out the character that tells us, if we take out any other, we lose. Prizes can be items or Frog Coins (which they rarely touch).

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