How to fix the FritzBox flashes error

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The Internet is on strike, the FritzBox flashes? Here’s what the different LEDs mean – and what to do when they’re flashing or turning red.

A VM’s FritzBox is very popular in Europe. Especially top models like the FritzBox 7590 AX and FritzBox 6690 Cable score with many functions and high WLAN speed – so it’s hardly surprising that the devices are widespread. Also good: FritzBoxes are extremely easy to use, since the menus do not overwhelm even beginners. The LEDs on the devices also indicate activated functions and errors. But what does it mean when the FritzBox flashes? Here you can find out what the lights on the router are all about.

FritzBox: “Power” flashes

Depending on the model, the operating light is labeled “Power”, “Power/DSL”, “Power/Kabel”, “Power/Mobile”, “Power/LTE+DSL”, “Power/Fiber” or “Power/Internet” – depending on whether the FritzBox is equipped with a modem. If the LED lights up green continuously, there is a power supply and internet access is available. After a (re)start of the router, the LED flashes to indicate that it is connecting to the Internet provider. This can take up to ten minutes. If the LED is still flashing after this time has elapsed, the connection is not established. Go through these steps until you find the cause:

  • Go to the FritzBox menu ( type in the browser’s address bar) and click System and Events. Here the router describes what the problem is.
  • Check the cables on the router and the DSL/cable socket or fiber optic box. Are all cables firmly plugged in? Are the strips possibly damaged and could they be defective?
  • Is there a problem with your Internet provider? Find out more from your provider or, for example, from the All disturbances website.

FritzBox: “Info” lights up red

Every FritzBox has the “Info” LED. If it flashes red, the reason is usually a faulty telephone and internet connection or a failed update. Call up the overview page of your FritzBox to find out the exact error there. If the connection is faulty, check your provider data for Internet access under Internet and access data to ensure that it is correct. If the update fails, restart your FritzBox by briefly disconnecting the power supply. If you have any problems, contact AVM support.

FritzBox: “Info” flashes green

If the “Info” LED flashes green, the FritzBox is in most cases performing a system update. Do not disconnect the power supply under any circumstances, as this can lead to a defect in the router! Other reasons for the LED flashing green are the transfer of the WLAN security settings to a USB stick and the registration of a DECT telephone or smart home device on the FritzBox. Under System and Keys and LEDs you can assign events to the “Info” LED and be informed, for example, when a new message is available on the answering machine.

FritzBox: “WLAN” flashes

If the “WLAN” LED lights up continuously, the WLAN of the FritzBox is active. If it flashes, the FritzBox activates the WLAN. This is often the case after a restart or after changing the WLAN settings. If the “WLAN” LED is not lit, the WLAN is disabled. Switch it on again by pressing the button next to the LED.

What does the “Internet” LED mean?

Older models have an Internet LED. FritzBoxes without a modem, such as the FritzBox 4040, indicate a problem with the Internet connection by flashing. Check the Internet connection of the connected modem or modem router. With a FritzBox with modem and telephone system, there are new messages in your provider’s mailbox when the “Internet” LED is flashing, such as e-mails, faxes or voice messages (if the provider supports the function).

LEDs “Fon/DECT”, “FON” and “Landline”

Depending on the FritzBox model, this LED has a different name. During a phone call, the LED lights up continuously. Flashing of the LED informs (as with the “Internet” LED) about new messages in the mailbox of the provider.

What is the “DECT” LED all about?

Older Fritz boxes have their own LED for DECT wireless connections. A glowing LED indicates that the DECT base of the FritzBox is active. If it flashes, a cordless telephone or smart home device is registering with the router.

“Connect/WPS” LED of newer FritzBoxes

The current FritzBox models are equipped with the “Connect/WPS” LED. If you press the button next to the lamp, the FritzBox searches for a device available for registration via DECT or WPS – the LED flashes during this time. If blinking very fast, WPS connection failed. This can happen, for example, if two devices try to log in at the same time. Then repeat the sign-up process with just one device.

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